Sanders to Democrats: Abandon the establishment or lose in 2016

Presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is urging Democrats to rebel against the establishment if they want a chance to win the White House in 2016.

According to a prepared speech reported by CNN, Sanders had planned to encourage attendees at the Democratic National Committee summer meeting in Minneapolis to increase pressure on the political establishment at all levels to cut ties with Wall Street and corporations.

“If Democrats want to keep the White House and recapture Congress and make gains in statehouses, then establishment politics won’t do it,” Sanders was to argue in the speech.

The message will certainly distance Sanders from Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, who also planned to attend the event and whose ties to Wall Street and big business are well reported.

A recent Forbes article that frames Sanders as a potential spoiler for the Democrats in 2016 highlights why the Vermont lawmaker’s establishment message could pose big problems for Clinton, even if she becomes the party nominee.

Bad medicine is killing Americans and making Big Pharma richer than ever

As pharmaceutical companies are rolling out new medications complete with glossy advertising campaigns more rapidly than ever before, the temptation for mainstream American medical practitioners to treat symptoms with pills rather than seeking legitimate cures for ills is increasing.

Also on the rise are the societal consequences of this bad medicine, which include rampant addiction and antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

Prescription pain pills are prescribed so often that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the nations’ medicine cabinets hold one bottle of opiates for every American adult.

With something like 16 million opiate prescriptions written by doctors each year, it’s not surprising that addiction and overdose associated painkiller abuse is on the rise. In fact, 46 people in the United States die each day as the result of those overdoses.

That’s why officials in states like New York and New Hampshire are putting into place initiatives to discourage doctors from overprescribing the medications.

In lieu of flowers, don’t vote for Hillary

A strange trend has begun emerging across the country in recent weeks. Some people, at the end of life, are beginning to share a common parting wish: that none of their friends and loved ones votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

First there was Larry Darrell Upright of North Carolina, whose family in April “respectfully ask[ed] that you do not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016,” according to the gentleman’s obituary.

Then there was Elaine Fydrych of Gloucester Township, New Jersey, whose obituary ended with this: “Elaine requests, ‘In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Hillary Clinton.’”

Now another person has included Hillary Clinton in his dying wish — and once again, he’s done so in a way that doesn’t offer Hillary much in the way of good PR.

Obama and the ‘crazies’

It appears President Barack Obama has returned from his latest party on the white millionaire’s playground of Martha’s Vineyard ready to roll up his sleeves and really buckle down on the business of America. And what was his first big action, post-vacay? More of the same juvenile blather we’ve come to expect from the thin-skinned chief executive.

Attending a party thrown by exceedingly controversial Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Obama recounted a limo ride with Reid, who oversaw the Democrats’ loss of the Senate majority, joking with the assembled Democrat deep-pockets of his plans to “deal with the crazies in terms of managing some problems.” Obama was referring to opponents of his obscenely ill-advised deal allowing Iran’s islamofascists to continue their progress toward nuclear weapons without being bothered by those pesky types who think Iran + nukes = bad. The “crazies” slur comes on the heels of his disastrous speech in which he slandered opponents of the Iran sellout by claiming they make “common cause” with the psychos who think the Holocaust is a figment of humanity’s imagination.

Desperate Hillary Clinton calls Planned Parenthood critics ‘terrorists’

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lashed out against Republicans calling for the withdrawal of taxpayer support for Planned Parenthood in light of recent scandals involving the organization. Clinton equated GOP positions on women’s issued to those of “terrorist groups.”

“Extreme views about women, we expect them from some of the terrorist groups, we expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world,” she said during a Cleveland rally Thursday.

Clinton criticized her Republican rivals for pushing “out-of-date and out-of-touch policies.”

“They are dead wrong for 21st century America,” the former first lady said.

Clinton went on to attack specifically Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

“I would like these Republican candidates to look a mom in the eye who caught her breast cancer early because she was able to get a screening for cancer, or a teenager who didn’t get pregnant because she had access to contraception,” she later said.

Even the federal government has no idea how many agencies it has

If massive budget deficits and endless bureaucratic snafus weren’t enough to convince you government is too big, consider this: The ballooning size of federal government is so out of control that the Feds themselves don’t even know how many government agencies exist.

According to an analysis of official remarks in the twice annual “Unified Agenda of Federal Deregulatory and Regulatory Actions” by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the federal government is made up of somewhere between 60 and 430 separate agencies.

According to CEI, the “Unified Agenda,” a compilation of forthcoming federal regulatory proposals, lists 60 federal agencies. But that number doesn’t jive with the Administrative Conference of the United States’ “Sourcebook of United States Executive Agencies,” which lists 115 agencies in its appendix.

That publication, however, goes on to note that there is no official count of federal agencies, saying:

Holder’s private law firm ‘a shadow Justice Department’

A while back, someone casually asked former Attorney General Eric Holder if he’d accept a Supreme Court nomination, were President Obama to offer him one. Holder demurred, saying he planned to pursue his private-sector work at his old law firm, Washington, D.C.-based Covington & Burling.

But more information is coming out about Covington & Burling that suggests the high-level firm isn’t your normal private-sector stable of attorneys.

Vice News posted a lengthy feature this week on the law firm’s para-governmental activities, going so far as to call Covington & Burling a “Shadow Justice Department” for its revolving-door ties to the Department of Justice, as well as its apparent role in making sure the government doesn’t go too hard on alleged white-collar criminals.

“[T]he latest data from the DOJ reveals that criminal prosecutions for white-collar crimes are at a 20-year low,” Vice reports. “This decline and the rapid circulation of personnel between Covington and the DOJ has raised questions about the Obama administration’s handling of the banking industry and the 2008 financial crisis.”

Is Trump rethinking his GOP loyalty?

While Donald Trump has remained the lone Republican holdout in refusing to forswear a maverick third-party presidential bid, there may be signs that he’s finally ready to fully commit to a GOP-or-bust run at the White House.

The Huffington Post reports that Trump may already have made a pact with Republican leaders not to attempt an independent run if he fails to earn the party’s presidential nomination.

“Businessman Donald Trump has told several top Republicans that he will swear off the possibility of an independent bid and commit to running his presidential campaign under the party’s banner, according to several sources,” HuffPo wrote Wednesday.

Trump’s camp wouldn’t confirm that information, but a spokesman told the website that The Donald has never had “any intent” to run as an independent. That suggests that Trump’s holdout in committing not to run independently may have been a posturing tactic to persuade the Republican National Committee to treat him as a legitimate party candidate — something his staff asserts his campaign has now achieved.

The ‘Magnificent 9′ plan that wins the presidency for Donald Trump

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty®. Something amazing just happened. Last week, I watched Donald Trump give a political speech in a football stadium in Mobile, Alabama. I watched Trump deliver the most inspiring political message since Ronald Reagan. When it was over, I knew I had just watched the next president of the United States, if:

  • Trump can devise a simple, common-sense, easy-to-remember plan to truly make America great again.
  • And if he sticks to that plan 24/7 for the next 15 months until the 2016 election.

My favorite line of the night: “We’ll make America great again … and it will be fun!” Yes, it will be. Now here’s the plan.

The Magnificent 9

Trump wins the presidency if he lays out his vision for the first year as president. This plan contains nine simple, popular, easy-to-remember, common-sense solutions that Trump will fight for in that all-important first year as president of the United States. Donald, if you’re asked anything else, just keep going back to these nine simple points. Pass these nine, and America will be fine.

Hey, Donald, enough of the attacks on Fox News

Is Donald Trump trying to become the Don Rickles of presidential candidates? That is, someone who likes to entertain the audience by attacking his friends? If not, why would he rekindle his criticism of Megyn Kelly of Fox News?

Within the mass media, The Donald has had no better friend than Fox. There is no network, cable or broadcast, that has given him as much airtime, almost all of it favorable. Fox’s nighttime hosts, especially Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, have welcomed him time after time — and have usually treated him with the utmost respect.

So why on Monday did Trump rekindle his attack on Kelly? I get that he’s still upset with what he called her “unfair” questions during the Republican debate three weeks ago. Kelly and her cohosts, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace, said afterward that they worked very hard to come up with the toughest questions they could ask.

A willful audacious libel against the truth

“[A]s the domestic tranquillity of a nation, depends greatly on the chastity of what might properly be called NATIONAL MANNERS, it is often better to pass some things over in silent disdain, than to make use of such new methods of dislike, as might introduce the least innovation on that guardian of our peace and safety. And, perhaps, it is chiefly owing to this prudent delicacy, that the king’s speech hath not before now suffered a public execution. The speech, if it may be called one, is nothing better than a wilful audacious libel against the truth, the common good, and the existence of mankind; and is a formal and pompous method of offering up human sacrifices to the pride of tyrants.

People Are Going Crazy

Bryce WilliamsHave you noticed that more Americans than ever seem to be going totally insane?  When even reporters start going on racially-motivated shooting sprees, you know that things are getting crazy in this country.  On Wednesday, most Americans were absolutely stunned to learn that a former WDBJ-TV reporter shot and killed a 24-year-old female reporter named Alison Parker and a 27-year-old male cameraman named Adam Ward right as they were in the middle of shooting a live news segment at 6:45 in the morning.  As a reporter, the shooter was known as “Bryce Williams”, but his legal name was Vester Lee Flanagan II.  He fled the scene, but was later tracked down by police.  Before they could take him into custody he shot himself, and he later died at a hospital in northern Virginia.  So what would cause a talented young man to do such a thing?

CNN Tells Americans That The Stock Market Is Not Going To Crash

CNN Newsroom - Photo by Doug WaldronOn Wednesday we witnessed the third largest single day point gain for the Dow Jones Industrial Average ever.  That sounds like great news until you realize that the two largest were in October 2008 – right in the middle of the last financial crisis.  This is a perfect example of what I wrote about yesterday.  Every time the market crashes, there are huge up days, huge down days and giant waves of market momentum.  Even though the Dow was up 619 points on Wednesday, overall we are still down more than 2,000 points from the peak of the market.  During the weeks and months to come, we are going to see many more wild market swings, but the overall direction of the market will be down.

Undercover video shows Clinton staffers’ selective voter registration efforts

Conservative investigative news outlet Project Veritas on Wednesday released video of Hillary Clinton campaign staffers “skirting” Iowa election laws by actively attempting to avoid registering voters who might not vote for their candidate.

In the footage, which was secretly filmed by a Veritas reporter posing as a Hillary for America volunteer, a paid Clinton staffer is seen explaining that “we don’t want to make our focus — voter registration.”

“If you open up a conversation as like, ‘Hey, are you registered to vote?’ And they’re, like, ‘no,’ and they want to register, you have to register them,” the official said.

The Clinton staffer said it is better for the campaign to ask first if an individual is a supporter.

“And so that’s why I want to keep our primary focus on, ‘Hey, are you a Hillary supporter?’ And then if not, then great move on, you know?” she said.

Virginia shooter just another of the left’s perpetual victims

The White House on Wednesday jumped on the tragic on-air murder of two Virginia journalists as another opportunity to spin a senseless killing into an argument for scrapping the 2nd Amendment. What the White House failed to mention, however, was the gunman’s unhealthy obsession with the current politics of perpetual victimhood and racial division being pushed by the left in America.

Just after the murders of reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, alleged gunman Vester Lee Flanagan (aka Bryce Williams) took to Twitter to announce his racial motivation for the heinous crime.


In a separate, rambling letter faxed to ABC News, the mentally deranged suspect described being motivated to kill whites following media coverage of the racial component of the church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.

From ABC:

Global warming carbon credit scheme has actually made emissions worse

Using carbon credits as incentives to reduce industrial pollution has actually had the effect of increasing global emissions beyond what researchers had expected.

That’s thanks, in large part, to the potential for graft, cronyism and abuse inherent in the way the United Nations negotiates with various nations that participate in the Euro-centric scheme. From the BBC Wednesday:

As a result of political horse trading at UN negotiations on climate change, countries like Russia and the Ukraine were allowed to create carbon credits from activities like curbing coal waste fires, or restricting gas emissions from petroleum production.

Under the UN scheme, called Joint Implementation, they then were able to sell those credits to the European Union’s carbon market. Companies bought the offsets rather than making their own more expensive, emissions cuts.

Cop drones can now shoot you from above in North Dakota

A late-hour lobbying effort has made North Dakota the first U.S. state that permits the police to shoot at people using drones.

The North Dakota Legislature approved a bill that permits the use of drone-borne non-lethal weapons after what The Daily Beast describes as “last-minute push by a pro-police lobbyist.”

From The Daily Beast Wednesday:

With all the concern over the militarization of police in the past year, no one noticed that the state became the first in the union to allow police to equip drones with “less than lethal” weapons. House Bill 1328 wasn’t drafted that way, but then a lobbyist representing law enforcement — tight with a booming drone industry — got his hands on it.

The bill’s stated intent was to require police to obtain a search warrant from a judge in order to use a drone to search for criminal evidence. In fact, the original draft of Rep. Rick Becker’s bill would have banned all weapons on police drones.

Anti-gun groups are angry that the NRA is offering free training to National Guardsmen

Gun control groups are upset that the National Rifle Association is offering Indiana National Guardsmen free firearm safety training after the state’s Republican governor permitted guardsmen to concealed carry at military bases and training centers in the interest of increased security.

In response to the recent attack on a military recruiting office in Tennessee, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence directed his state’s military bases and training centers to beef up security. Part of his order included providing guardsmen in the state with NRA’s world-class firearms training, which has honed the skills of more than 65,000 U.S. law enforcement officers.

The gun advocacy organization even announced it would conduct the training at no charge.

But according to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, the Indiana National Guard should have declined the free training because the NRA is “first and foremost” a “lobbying organization.”

The coming deflation could destroy America

“I spent my entire academic career studying the Great Depression. The Depression may have started because of a stock market crash, but what hit the general economy was a disruption of credit. Average citizens unable to borrow money, to do anything. To buy a home, start a business, stock their shelves. Credit has the ability to build a modern economy, but lack of credit has the ability to destroy it, swiftly and absolutely. If we do not act, boldly and immediately, we will replay the Depression of the 1930s, only this time it will be far, far worse. We don’t do this now; we won’t have an economy on Monday.” — Ben Bernanke, as portrayed by Paul Giamatti in the 2011 TV movie “Too Big to Fail” 

White House softens Obama claim that all of his detractors are ‘crazies’

President Barack Obama, during a Monday fundraiser in Las Vegas, recounted how he and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) had discussed plans to “deal with the crazies” who reject their leftist policies. The White House on Tuesday walked back the president’s comment, calling the remark “a little too flip.”

Obama’s remarks came as he assured donors that the Democrats have a plan to advance the party agenda as his presidency winds down, despite pushback from a Republican-led Congress.

On the way to the event, the president said, he and Reid spent time reminiscing and “figuring out how we’re going to deal with the crazies in terms of managing some problems.”

The president didn’t identify any particular “crazies” but suggested that opponents of his deal with Iran deal would fit the description.

Obama’s “crazies” remark caused a stir among Republicans in Washington.