Death by pain reliever

For headaches and minor aches and pains, doctors often recommend taking non-aspirin nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that are also known by their over-the-counter names as ibuprofen (common brand names Advil, Midol, NeoProfen, Caldolor, Motrin and Ibu) and naproxen (common brand names Aleve, Anaprox, Naprelan and Naprosyn). But do those doctors tell you that taking them puts you at greater risk of heart attack and strokes?

Not likely. But the Food and Drug Administration last month issued a strong warning that they do, based on the agency’s comprehensive review of new safety information.

The FDA admits it knew of the increased risk since at least 2005, but just now issued the warning. According to a release on the FDA’s website, NSAID labels will have to reflect the following:

  • The risk of heart attack or stroke can occur as early as the first weeks of using an NSAID. The risk may increase with longer use of the NSAID.

What should we do about our do-nothing Congress?

Remember how excited conservatives were in November when Republicans won a majority in the Senate and expanded their majority in the House? “We’ve finally got the votes to get things passed!” was the jubilant cry.

I’m sorry to say it turned out we were just fooling ourselves. So far in the new Congress, conservatives haven’t won a single significant legislative victory. Reduce government spending? Balance the budget? Abolish Obamacare? Stop funding Planned Parenthood? Forget about it! The powers that be in Washington will make sure most of these will never even come to a vote, much less get passed.

Congress is about to head home for its summer recess. Yes, the lawmakers are taking a break from all of their legislative exertions during the first half of the year. As usual, as far as conservative were concerned, it was all talk, no action. During the past seven months, conservatives got a lot of the rhetoric, but saw virtually no legislative accomplishments.

Economic reality now catching up to market fantasy

In the mind of a schizophrenic person, internal elements of fantasy (negative and positive) are made manifest in the psyche and projected out onto the real world. Often, the daydream images of the mind are not merely images to them. Rather, what they imagine subconsciously becomes reality. Their faculties of observation become so limited, either due to a reaction to trauma or merely an inherent inability to cope, that they cannot decipher between fact and fiction. A person could go on like this for quite some time if all his needs are provided for by someone else. But the moment that support ends (and it will), the realities of necessity, not to mention supply and demand, take hold. One cannot live in a schizophrenic world indefinitely.

Crashing: Apple, Twitter, Oil, Commodities, Greek Stocks, Chinese Stocks

Crash - Public DomainThe month of August sure has started off with a bang.  Tech stocks are crashing, oil is crashing, industrial commodities are crashing, Greek stocks crashed the moment that the Greek stock market reopened for trading, and Chinese stocks continue to crash.  At this point we have not seen a broad crash of U.S. stocks yet, but it is important to note that the Dow is already down more than 700 points from the peak in May.  If it continues to slide like it has in recent days, it won’t be too long before we will officially reach “correction” territory.  Just a few days ago, I described August as a “pivotal month“, and so far that is indeed turning out to be the case.

A full-blown financial crisis has not erupted yet, but we are well on the way.  In this article, I want to look at a few of the “crashes” that are already happening…

Charles Koch calls for political change at donor summit; Trump says candidate attendees are ‘puppets’

Billionaire Charles Koch on Sunday told 450 business leaders, politicians and GOP donors that America is “done for” if conservatives don’t do a better job building support for smaller government.

Koch implored the crowd, gathered by invitation at a luxury resort in Southern California, to help his massive political policy organization eliminate government intrusions to a “truly free society” by focusing on things like eliminating corporate welfare and cronyism.

The conservative movement, Koch said, should model itself after those that led to such mammoth historical victories for freedom as the American Revolution, abolition of slavery, women’s suffrage and the civil rights movement.

“All of these movements struck a moral chord with the American people. They all sought to overcome an injustice,” Koch told the crowd, according to reports. “We, too, are seeking to right injustices that are holding our country back.”

Polling shows Donald Trump a huge threat to the GOP establishment

Based on Real Clear Politics’ comprehensive average of data from the nation’s top polling outfits for the 2016 GOP presidential contest, Donald Trump holds a commanding 9.5 point lead against his fellow Republican hopefuls. But that number could be the least of the GOP establishment’s worries.

Michael Needham, chief executive of the Heritage Action for America super PAC, said Sunday that Trump’s popularity has a great deal to do with Republican voters’ overall dissatisfaction with the GOP establishment.

“Most Republican voters hate their party, and that’s what needs to be addressed,” Needham said on “Fox News Sunday.”

The conservative figure said that Trump has something to offer to voters on the right who are sick of the GOP establishment treating the political process like “a game” for Washington insiders.

Business owner who promised all employees a $70,000 ‘minimum wage’ is now fighting to stay afloat

A Seattle-based business owner who created a sensation by promising to end income inequality among his employees is now reaping the consequences of using his company as an experiment in redistribution.

Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments — a credit card processing company — announced earlier this year that he would begin paying all of his employees a minimum annual salary of $70,000. He pledged to absorb a lot of the extra cost personally, by “slashing his own million-dollar pay package to do it,” according to The New York Times.

“[A]lmost overnight, a decision by one small-business man in the northwestern corner of the country became a swashbuckling blow against income inequality,” the Times continues.

Now that stand against income inequality is unfolding in the most predictable of ways: Price, reports Fox News, “has fallen on hard times.”

Man charged with jury tampering — for handing out fliers about jury nullification

A Colorado man faces multiple charges of jury tampering for standing outside a Denver courthouse and distributing information about jury nullification.

Mark Iannicelli was charged with seven counts of jury tampering for allegedly setting up shop in front of the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse in Denver and handing out fliers that explain to potential jurors that they have the power to disagree with any law that, if applied, would lead them to a guilty verdict against a person whose actions do not merit true punishment.

According to The Denver Post, “… Iannicelli, 56, set up a small booth with a sign that said ‘Juror Info’ in front of the city’s Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse, prosecutors say.

“The Denver District Attorney’s Office says Iannicelli provided jury nullification flyers to jury pool members.”

Private citizens’ telling potential jurors that they should follow their conscience, instead of the law, shouldn’t be a crime, Eugene Volokh wrote in 2011.

Hillary’s donations to charity were mostly to her own charity: The Clinton Foundation

Hillary Clinton released seven years’ worth of tax returns last week, reflecting tens of millions of dollars in income and some millions of dollars more in charitable giving.

Nearly all of the charitable giving, though, went to the Clinton family’s own charity: The Clinton Foundation.

Beginning in 2001 — that infamously “dead broke” year when Bill Clinton left the White House — the family’s income began to soar. As the TaxProfBlog indicates in a tabular presentation of the Clintons’ annual tax info, the family earned $15.9 million in 2001. They dipped to an impoverished $7.9 million in 2003, and sank as low as $5.5 million in 2008, but came roaring back with annual earnings that, in 2014, nudged $28 million.

As TaxProf notes, the family’s charitable giving from 2007 onward has been a case study in moving money around. Since 2007, the Clintons “made $15 million (10.8 percent of their AGI) of charitable contributions, $14.9 million of which went to the Clinton Family Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative.”

Another company clamors for foreign visa workers while laying off Americans

Don’t be shocked, but yet another tech company has announced mass layoffs in its American workforce, while simultaneously pressuring lawmakers to relax restrictions on foreign visa workers who can do the same jobs more cheaply.

Qualcomm recently announced an enormous upcoming slash in its U.S. workforce, projecting more than 4,000 employees will be cut in what the company describes as a “strategic realignment.”

“Qualcomm — a major producer of smartphone chips — announced last week it’s eliminating 15 percent of its workforce or about 4,500 employees, just weeks after fellow tech giant Microsoft announced a massive round of layoffs,” The Daily Caller reports.

The cuts come amid ongoing pressure from both companies, as well as others in the U.S. high-tech sector, for the government to allow more foreign H-1b visa workers into the country. The catch — that is, the aspect of this whole lobbying effort that rings so hypocritical in the eyes of unemployed Americans and conservative critics — is that the tech companies are using a bogus excuse to justify the need to import foreign labor.

Gender confused? Ash Carter says join the military

Have no fear, “gender confused” individual. The military is now the place for you.

So-called “transgender service members” can no longer be discharged from the military. Nor is transgender still a matter of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has put the hiatus on that practice effective July 13 (see the memo).


Now a “working group” is working on policy options for military men who want to be women and military women who want to be men.

Never mind the ridiculousness of such a notion. Men wearing women’s clothes and women wearing men’s clothes does not make them men or women. Men surgically and hormonally altered to appear as women are still men. And women surgically and hormonally altered to appear as men are still women. What it makes them is confused and mentally ill.

Planned Parenthood, modern-day eugenics and the American holocaust

Change agents work around the clock creating words, phrases and memes that disrupt our mental processes. This allows government, politicians and nongovernmental organizations working on behalf of government public policy to mask their agendas and create illusions so they can deceive the people and misrepresent their deeds.

Governments, bureaucrats and politicians look upon the public as a herd that should be deceived and led for the benefit of government and the elite. Everything they do, every policy they enact is for the benefit of the state or to grow their power or for their self-aggrandizement.

Edward L. Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, is the father of manipulative propaganda in America. Mass persuasion and mass hypnosis is the foundation of so-called democracy.

In his book, “Propaganda,” Bernays writes:

Obama’s Climate Fascism Is Another Nail In The Coffin For The U.S. Economy

American Flag Painting - Public DomainIs Barack Obama trying to kill the economy on purpose?  On Sunday, we learned that Obama is imposing a nationwide 32 percent carbon dioxide emission reduction from 2005 levels by the year 2030.  When it was first proposed last year, Obama’s plan called for a 30 percent reduction, but the final version is even more dramatic.  The Obama administration admits that this is going to cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars a year and that electricity rates for many Americans are going to rise substantially.  And what Obama is not telling us is that this plan is going to kill what is left of our coal industry and will destroy countless numbers of American jobs.  The Republicans in Congress hate this plan, state governments across the country hate this plan, and thousands of business owners hate this plan.  But since Barack Obama has decided that this is a good idea, he is imposing it on all of us anyway.

What Is Going To Happen In September 2015? Why Are So Many People Storing Food And Supplies?

Time September 2015 - Public DomainHave you noticed that there is a tremendous amount of Internet buzz about the month of September 2015?  Never before have I seen so much speculation about what would happen in one particular month.  Some people believe that we will see an economic collapse next month, others believe that there will be some sort of historic natural disaster, and others are convinced that the judgment of God is coming.  So right now, large numbers of Americans are stocking up on emergency food and supplies like crazy.  Personally, I have never been more concerned about any period of time as I am about the last six months of 2015.  Several weeks ago, I expressed my belief that chaos will begin once the summer ends.  These are the last days of “normal life” in America, and just about everything that we currently take for granted is about to be shaken.

The Most Evil Government In American History

Evil Demon Demonic - Public DomainAmerica is not a great nation, and it hasn’t been for a very long time.  Any government that gives hundreds of millions of dollars each year to an organization that systematically murders babies, harvests their internal organs and ships them off to laboratories where they are used in experiments can hardly be called “great”.  Back in the 1980s, Ronald Reagan referred to the Soviet Union as “the evil empire”, but today it is the Russians that are calling us “evil” and “godless”.  And you know what?  When Vladimir Putin called us “godless” he was 100 percent correct.  Someday when history judges us, we will fully deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China and Hitler’s Germany.  Our consciences have been so seared that we have absolutely no sense of perspective anymore.  We get all bent out of shape over the killing of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe, but the trafficking of the body parts and internal organs of millions of our own babies hardly elicits any reaction at all.

11 Red Flag Events That Just Happened As We Enter The Pivotal Month Of August 2015

Red Flags - Public DomainAre you ready for what is coming in August?  All over America, economic, political and social tensions are building, and the next 30 days could turn out to be pivotal.  In July, we saw things start to turn.  As you will read about below, a major six year trendline for the S&P 500 was finally broken this month, Chinese stocks crashed, commodities crashed, and debt problems started erupting all over the planet.  I fully expect that this next month (August) will be a month of transition as we enter an extremely chaotic time in the fall and winter.  Things are unfolding in textbook fashion for another major global financial crisis in the months ahead, and yet most people refuse to see what is happening.  In their blind optimism, they want to believe that things will somehow be different this time.  Well, the coming months will definitely reveal who was right and who was wrong.  The following are 11 red flag events that just happened as we enter the pivotal month of August 2015…

DNC chairwoman struggles to explain the difference between being a Democrat and being a socialist

The chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was a deer in headlights during a recent TV interview, when her host stumped her by asking for an explanation of how Democrats and socialists differ.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC chairwoman and the congresswoman representing Florida’s 23rd District, wasn’t at her finest when her normally sympathetic interviewer — MSNBC’s Chris Matthews — offered her the chance to restate her party’s principles.

Already flummoxed by Matthews’ insistence that she take a position on whether Bernie Sanders should figure prominently in the party’s debate schedule, Wasserman Schultz was blindsided when Matthews locked in on the Democrat-socialist distinction.

“What is the difference between a Democrat and a socialist?” Matthews asked flatly, attempting to force Wasserman Schultz into explaining the ideological distinction between the views of Hillary Clinton and those of Bernie Sanders. “I used to think there was a big difference, but what do you think it is?”

Hillary tried to hide her $600 haircut from the press and public

When most people pay $600 for a haircut, they darn well want people to be able to tell that there’s something exceptional about their new ‘do.

But when Hillary Clinton’s hair recently got the posh treatment (and at a Trump-worthy price) she did everything she could to ensure that the press — and, therefore, the public — would never know.

From the New York Post’s Page Six:

A source said, “Staff closed off one side of Bergdorf’s so Hillary could come in privately to get her hair done. An elevator bank was shut down so she could ride up alone, and then she was styled in a private area of the salon. Other customers didn’t get a glimpse. Hillary was later seen with a new feathered hairdo.”

Hillary also appears to be a lifelong devotee of the wash-that-gray-right-out-of-my-hair school, telling a South Carolina audience in May that she’s been coloring her hair “for years.”

Ben Carson vows to make term limits for Congress a reality

GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson has pledged support of a constitutional amendment to impose congressional term limits, saying the move will “create more opportunities for fresh ideas” in the nation’s halls of power.

“We must encourage innovation and ingenuity to improve the state of our nation,” said Carson, as he signed the United States Term Limits Amendment Pledge.

U.S. Term Limits (USTL) President Philip Blumel applauded Carson’s decision to make supporting term limits a key part of his campaign.

“In making the transition from medicine to politics, Dr. Carson knows firsthand the need for new insights and perspectives in Washington,” Blumel said. “He agrees with three-quarters of Americans that Congress now lacks the common sense principles citizen legislators can deliver.”

Amendments to create congressional term limits have been introduced in both the U.S. Senate by Sen. David Vitter (R-LA.) and the House of Representatives by Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.).

Kentucky man faces felony charges for protecting privacy by shooting drone hovering over his backyard

A Kentucky homeowner is facing two felony charges after he shot down a drone that he says was hovering above his property.

William H. Merideth, 47, told local media that he was worried the unmanned aircraft was photographing his daughters or scouting his property for things to steal.

“Sunday afternoon, the kids — my girls — were out on the back deck, and the neighbors were out in their yard,” Merideth told Louiville-based WDRB. “And they come in and said, ‘Dad, there’s a drone out here, flying over everybody’s yard.’”

According to Merideth, there would have been no problem if the drone had simply been passing over his property. But when it hovered overhead for more than a few seconds, he decided to take action and shoot it down with his shotgun.