Rand Paul rips Obama for college audience: ‘He’s just going to do whatever the hell he wants’

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) let loose on President Obama Tuesday at the University of South Carolina, going into candidate mode in using some of his strongest language yet to condemn the president’s dismissal of constitutional forms and the rule of law.

“The president says that ‘if Congress won’t act, I must.’ That sounds like what you hear from a third world autocrat. That doesn’t sound like someone who believes in a Republic and rule of law,” Paul told a small student audience.

“‘If Congress won’t act, I will’? Congress is too messy for him. Democracy is too messy for him so he’s just going to do whatever the hell he wants.”

Don’t hold back, senator.

Paul was referring to Obama’s general reliance on fiat rule at the expense of constitutional checks and balances, but his remarks were intended as a direct criticism of the president’s unilateral action to mount a military response to ISIS.

“I think we should do something [about ISIS], but the president is going about it the wrong way,” he said.

California’s governor vetoes drone bill, clearing cops to spy from above without needing a search warrant

California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill over the weekend that would have forced law enforcement to obtain a search warrant in order to use unmanned aerial vehicles — in other words, drones — to conduct aerial surveillance of potential suspects.

In a brief statement to the state assembly Sunday, Brown said the bill went too far in proscribing drone surveillance, even though he admitted there are “undoubtedly circumstances where a warrant is appropriate.”

But for now, it will be up to the police to determine the appropriateness of those circumstances.

“I am returning Assembly Bill 1327 without my signature,” wrote Brown:

This bill prohibits law enforcement from using a drone without obtaining a search warrant, except in limited circumstances.

There are undoubtedly circumstances where a warrant is appropriate. The bill’s exceptions, however, appear to be too narrow and could impose requirements beyond what is required by either the 4th Amendment or the privacy provisions in the California Constitution.

The full text of the bill can be found here. Here’s a rundown of the relevant portion:


GOP group celebrates Obamacare exchange anniversary ahead of midterms

GOP groups celebrated the “unhappy” birthday of President Barack Obama’s healthcare exchange this week by criticizing Democrats who, leading into the 2014 midterms, are increasingly finding themselves in electoral danger because of Obamacare.

In honor of the healthcare exchange anniversary, the National Republican Senatorial Committee released a video collage of several vulnerable Democrats extolling the benefits of Obamacare. The video is complete with several utterances of the infamous “If you like your plan, you can keep it” promise.

“Over the past six years Barack Obama and Washington Democrats have proven that they not only don’t have the right solutions to get America growing again, but they lack the credibility to be trusted to keep their promises,”  NRSC press secretary Brook Hougesen said in a statement.

A new poll out this week from McLaughlin & Associates illustrates that Republicans looking to capitalize on Obamacare’s failures leading into the fall election season have public opinion on their side. Fifty-nine percent of likely voters would support repealing Obamacare if a conservative alternative were on the table.


I began publishing my monthly newsletter The Bob Livingston Letter™ (subscription required) in 1969. The following is an excerpt from the October 2007 issue in which I warned — for the umpteenth time — of the coming housing, collateral and derivatives collapse. No mainstream economists, and certainly not the Federal Reserve, saw it coming. In May 2007, then-Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke told Fed officials, “Do not expect significant spillovers from the subprime market to the rest of the economy.” Current Fed Chairman Janet Yellen, who then was a Fed official, also did not see it “coming until it happened.” Yet not only did I tell my readers it was coming, I told them what to do to preserve their wealth.

What we are seeing is a first in world history.

Number one, we are in a global world and most stock markets were recently hit. Number two, we are facing a credit and collateral collapse. It appears that collateral behind the derivatives doesn’t exist or if at all, at a greatly reduced value.

There is no easy way out of this credit and liquidity collapse unless the big central banks create a lot of fiat money. And they must do it fast if there is any chance at all.

Will Obama ever man up to anything?

When he was president, Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that read, “The buck stops here.”

That’s certainly not the case with the person who now occupies the Oval Office. Barack Obama is eager to take credit when anything goes right in this country, even if he has to stretch the truth to the breaking point to do so.

But when things go wrong, as they have in spades since he was elected, no one has been quicker than our evader in chief to put the blame somewhere else. The latest example of this occurred Sunday night during his interview with Steve Kroft on “60 Minutes.”

Kroft, who is normally one of the friendliest questioners the president could face, asked how the Muslim extremists who call themselves the Islamic State became so powerful so quickly. “How did they end up where they are in control of so much territory?” Kroft asked the president. “Was that a complete surprise to you?”

The president’s reply made it clear that he wasn’t the one who got it wrong: “Well, I think, our head of the intelligence community, Jim Clapper, has acknowledged that, I think, they underestimated what had been taking place in Syria.”

Obama is no Derek Jeter

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Derek Jeter (aka “The Captain” of the New York Yankees) played his last game on Sunday. Amazingly, he ended his career with an RBI single in Boston, after ending his career at home in Yankee stadium with a game-winning, walk-off, RBI single. Jeter defines a leader. He has the sixth highest hit total in the history of baseball. He was the captain of five World Championship teams. But his qualities go so much deeper.

Jeter never bragged. He never used words like “I.” He gave credit to others for his achievements. He never demeaned or denigrated others. He always made the people around him feel better. He always played like a gentleman, never cheating or trying to gain unfair advantage (which is why Jeter is beloved by even his opponents). He refused to accept defeat. He, therefore, made the people around him better.

The Economic Implications Of A Potential Ebola Pandemic In The United States

Fear Of Ebola - Public DomainFor the moment, our top public health officials are quite adamant that there absolutely will not be a major Ebola outbreak in the United States.  But what if they are wrong?  Or what would happen if terrorists released a form of weaponized Ebola or weaponized smallpox in one of our major cities?  What would such an event do to our economy?  I think that we can get some clues by looking at the economic collapses that are taking place in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone right now.  When an extremely deadly virus like Ebola starts spreading like wildfire, the fear that it creates can be even worse for a society than the disease.  All of a sudden people don’t want to go to work, people don’t want to go to school and people definitely don’t want to go shopping.  There are very few things that can shut down the economy of a nation faster.  Considering the fact that our big banks are being more reckless than ever, we better hope that we don’t see a “black swan event” such as a major Ebola outbreak come along and upset the apple cart.  Because if that does happen, our Ponzi scheme of an economy could implode really quick.

Don’t Worry? 10 Quotes From Health Experts Promising That Ebola Will Not Be A Problem In America

Ebola Sneeze - Public DomainHealth experts all over the United States are promising us that we do not need to be worried about Ebola whatsoever.  Even though one case has already been confirmed in Dallas, Texas and another potential case is being monitored, health authorities assure us that we have the greatest health system in the history of the planet and that we will be able to handle any isolated cases very easily.  And all over the mainstream media on Wednesday, there were headlines declaring that the arrival of Ebola in America is a non-event.  One example is this headline from Bloomberg: “Ebola in America? Don’t Worry About It”.  So are they right?  Should the rest of us just kick back and relax because a bunch of really smart guys are assuring us that our health system can easily deal with anything that Ebola can throw at us?  The following are 10 quotes from prominent experts promising us that Ebola will not be a problem in this country…

#1 Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: “We feel confident that there won’t be an outbreak.”

Pentagon: Obama’s airstrikes won’t defeat ISIS

Confirming the suspicions of the president’s harshest foreign policy critics, Pentagon officials told reporters this week that they shouldn’t expect air strikes to do much to weaken the Islamic State terrorists gaining ground in Iraq and Syria.

Despite the approximately 310 U.S strikes on ISIS targets across Iraq and Syria launched by the end of the day Tuesday, Pentagon press secretary Admiral John Kirby said that ISIS “remains a very potent force.”

Kirby said that ISIS fighters are countering the strikes by attempting to blend in to urban areas where air strikes could cause civilian casualties and being less brazen, but that they still pose a significant threat.

“Yes, they’re dispersing, and yes, they aren’t communicating quite as openly or as boldly as they once were,” Kirby said. “That’s a good thing, because if they aren’t operating as freely, then they aren’t as free to achieve their goals.

“That doesn’t mean ISIL doesn’t still pose a threat. It doesn’t mean they aren’t still trying and in some cases succeeding at taking and holding ground,” he continued. “No one said this would be easy or quick, and no one should be lulled into a false sense of security by accurate air strikes. We will not, we cannot bomb them into obscurity.”

Detecting a pattern here? IRS accused of ‘losing’ emails in lawsuit unrelated to Tea Party scandal

A plaintiff in a lawsuit against the IRS – a suit that has nothing to do with the political discrimination scandal – is alleging that the tax enforcement agency destroyed electronic documents in a variety of formats to cover its demands for unpaid taxes the plaintiff says it does not owe.

NetJets, an Ohio-based Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary specializing in jet rental and timeshare ownership of private aircraft, sued the IRS in 2011 for relief after claiming it overpaid more than $600 million in ticket taxes that apply to the commercial carrier category – but not to private plane owners who travel in their fractionally-owned planes.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, the government countersued NetJets for failing to “pay its federal tax liabilities…in full.”

“Congress amended the tax code in 2012, clarifying that the ticket tax does not apply to operators such as NetJets, whose customers buy fractional ownership in planes operated and maintained by NetJets,” the Dispatch reported Wednesday.

NetJets alleged in a recent filing that important evidence in the case stored on three IRS employees’ computers had been completely erased, “including the computer of ‘an excise-tax policy manager and a key decision maker regarding the application of the section 4261 ticket tax to whole and fractional aircraft-management companies,’” the Dispatch reported.

Nancy Pelosi reveals she is hopelessly out of touch


During her weekly press briefing Wednesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said a couple of things that reveal her as a truly out of touch Washington elitist.

At one point during the press event, the House Democrat got into a verbal scuffle with a reporter over the political correctness of the term “illegal aliens.”

“If President Obama does what he has promised to do and take executive action to legalize some illegal aliens in the United States…” a reporter asked Pelosi.

The politician interrupted, “Are you referring to undocumented people who are in the United States?”

“Illegal aliens, yes ma’am,” the reporter replied.

“Undocumented people, OK,” Pelosi retorted before talking about the U.S.’s many borders and Obama’s amnesty policies.

In a separate exchange, Pelosi attempted to sound like an average American by weighing in on Major League Baseball. She managed to sound as out of touch as ever.

“How about the Giants?” a reporter asked as Pelosi made her exit.

“How about the Giants, and how about the Orioles?” Pelosi replied.

“You know, my father brought the Orioles to Baltimore when he was mayor of Baltimore, so I’m happy to see them do so well,” the lawmaker continued.

Senate Democrats target Kroger in latest gun-free campaign

Senate Democrats have found a new front in the perpetual war against the 2nd Amendment: Kroger grocery stores.

A trio of Senate Democrats has co-authored a letter to Kroger’s CEO, describing open-carry advocates who’ve previously brought long guns into at least one Kroger location as “gun extremists” and asking that the company ban customers from openly carrying firearms in all of its stores.

By forbidding in-store open carry, the lawmakers argued, Kroger “would be sending an important message about [its] commitment to the safety of” shoppers and store employees.

Here’s more of that letter, as quoted in The Hill:

Gun extremists in several states have exploited the current Kroger policy by flaunting assault rifles as they shopped. These bizarre displays must be terrifying for Kroger employees and customers. The current Kroger policy allows for these demonstrations.

Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) co-signed the letter, delivered Tuesday to Kroger CEO W. Rodney McMullen.

“To the best of our knowledge,” wrote Bearing Arms’ Bob Owens Tuesday, “there was one incident of AKM open carry in a Kroger in Texas, more than a year ago. No laws were broken, and to the best we can determine, none of the customers or employees were even alarmed by the incident.

Decorated cop allegedly breaks into woman’s home, says ‘Sometimes I’m a bad guy’ and beats her

A Bronx police officer fresh off being honored with the department’s second-highest commendation allegedly broke into a 30 year-old woman’s home that same night, told her something extremely creepy, dragged her out of her bed and beat her.

According to the New York Daily News, officer Eugene Donnelly pleaded not guilty Monday to misdemeanor charges of assault, criminal trespass and criminal mischief.  He’s been without his gun and badge while remaining on limited duty since the June 10 incident.

Donnelly was honored on June 10 for heroism in apprehending a man who had allegedly fired a gun at him. He shook hands with the mayor at that event. But, according to the Daily News:

Donnelly, who works at the 46th Precinct in the Bronx, tied one on to celebrate, drinking himself into a stupor. He went to a pal’s Woodlawn apartment to sleep it off.

But before dawn on June 11, a 30-year-old neighbor of Donnelly’s pal was startled awake by the cop breaking the chain lock on her front door, prosecutors said. The woman told detectives the intruder, who she didn’t know, was standing beside her bed in his underwear.

Lawmaker urges DOJ to examine Oklahoma beheading as terror case

A House Republican called on outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the recent beheading in Oklahoma as a case of terrorism rather than workplace violence. But given the DOJ’s track record in ignoring select forms of religious extremism, along with some of Holder’s attempts to scorch the earth on his way out, a terror investigation is highly unlikely.

Congressman Frank Wolf (R-Va.) said Tuesday Holder must launch a terror investigation into the gruesome murder, rather than allow the crime to be swept under the rug as just another killing at a place of employment.

Wolf likened the murder, in which recent Muslim convert Alton Nolen allegedly admitted to decapitating Colleen Hufford at the Vaughan Foods processing plant in Cleveland County, Okla. last Thursday, to the sensational beheadings perpetrated by members of the ISIS terror group in Iraq and Syria.

According to The Hill, Wolf condemned the DOJ’s history of declining to link domestic terror incidents with global terror movements. From a letter Wolf sent to Holder:

Avoid paralysis when it comes to investing

“More matter, with less art.” — William Shakespeare, “Hamlet”

I received a phone call from a subscriber a decade ago; she wanted to know where she should invest her money. Her husband had died and left her a considerable sum, and she was rightfully preoccupied with the safety of her estate. I asked her if she had been reading the newsletter, and she said she had but still had no idea of what she should invest in.

I told her that I thought gold would not only appreciate but was also a safe haven. She was not sold. Looking back, that was a shame because at that time gold was selling for less than $300 per ounce. She wanted to know what would happen if Eastern Europe and Russia began to sell all of its gold. She asked whether the price of bullion could fall in half.

I told her that such a precipitous decline was not anticipated but added that if the Russians became massive sellers, there was no doubt that gold would be in a severe bear market. I then told her that if she did not like gold she may want to buy AAA European Currency Unit bonds. She agreed these instruments appeared safe, but she worried about the dollar’s future strength.

Illinois proves gun laws are racist

Under Illinois law, a person seeking to obtain a concealed carry license — and, thus, be “legally” entitled to protect himself in that state — has to first fork over $650, plus take a 16-hour training course that requires time on a range.

Illinois has the most expensive registration fee in the country. Getting a license is an expensive and burdensome proposition. And even then, obtaining “approval” is a tricky proposition, at best. The Cook County Sheriff has said he would object to as many applications as possible so as to send them to a panel that can deny them without explanation. But it’s easier to get a license if you’re white.

The Washington Times has dug into license data. It shows that if you are black and live in a violent and dangerous neighborhood, you are very unlikely to be able to obtain a permit.

Demographic data shows that 90 percent of Illinois’ 73,714 active concealed carry licenses are held by whites who live in middle-class, predominately white neighborhoods with low crime rates. Only 8 percent went to blacks statewide. Of those, fewer than 1 percent went to people living in the poorest ZIP codes.

Ebola In America: The Confirmed Case In Dallas, Texas Could Change Everything

United States Map On A Globe - Public DomainThe day that many of us hoped would never arrive is here.  Ebola has come to America.  Air travel between the United States and the countries of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone should have been totally shut down except for absolutely essential personnel but it wasn’t.  And now our nation may end up paying a great price as a result.  On Tuesday, the CDC announced that there is a confirmed case of Ebola in Dallas, Texas.  We know that this individual is a male and that he traveled by air from Liberia to Texas on September 19th.  At that time, he was not exhibiting any symptoms.  It is being reported that he started developing symptoms on September 24th and that he sought out treatment two days later.  Incredibly, he was turned away and sent home.  Then on September 28th he went to a hospital again and this time he was admitted for treatment.  That means that he could have potentially been spreading Ebola to others for at least four full days before finally getting treated at a hospital.  Now he is in intensive care at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.  The CDC says that “there is no doubt that we will stop it here” and is promising that “it will not spread widely in this country”.  The CDC better be right on both counts.

Matthew 5:11-12

““Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

A ‘No Social Media List’ For Extremists And Potential Terrorists?

Social Media - Public DomainYou have heard of the “No Fly List”, right?  Well, now the Tories are pledging that if they win the next election in the UK they will establish a list of “extremists” that will have to have their social media posts “approved in advance by the police” before they post them.  There are also plans to ban “extremists” from broadcasting and speaking at public events.  The stated goal of these proposals is to crack down on terrorism, but in the process the civil liberties of the British people are going to be flushed down the toilet.  And the American people need to pay close attention to what is going on in the UK, because whatever police state measures are implemented over there usually also get implemented over here eventually.  For those that believe that we need to do “whatever it takes” to fight terrorism, there is a very important question that you need to ask yourself.  What if the government decides that you are an “extremist” because of what you believe?  What will you do then?

When I saw a report in the Telegraph today entitled “Extremists to have Facebook and Twitter vetted by anti-terror police“, I could hardly believe it.