Brexit aftermath — here’s what will happen next

In my article Brexit: Global Trigger Event, Fake Out Or Something Else?, published before the U.K. referendum vote, I outlined numerous reasons why I believed the Brexit was likely to pass. As far as I know, I was one of very few analysts that stuck to my call of a successful Brexit right up until the day of the referendum instead of slowly backing away as the pressure of conflicting polls increased. My prediction was verified that evening.

In my post-Brexit commentary, which can be read here, I then outlined why so many analysts in the mainstream and even in the liberty movement were caught completely unaware by the referendum results. Today, however, I now see hundreds of analysts using the same talking points I argued before the Brexit, but still missing the first and most vital underlying truth.  The core reason why I was able to discern the Brexit outcome was because I accepted the reality that the Brexit does not hurt globalists — in the long run, it actually helps them.

The United States Of Europe: Germany And France Hatch A Plan To Create An EU Superstate

Europe Connections - Public DomainIf you believe that the Brexit vote is going to kill the idea of a “United States of Europe”, you might want to think again.  In fact, it appears that the decision by the British people to leave the European Union is only going to accelerate the process of creating an EU superstate.  As you will see below, one of the largest newspapers in the UK is reporting that the foreign ministers of France and Germany have drafted “a blueprint to effectively do away with individual member states”.  So even though men like George Soros are warning that the eventual dissolution of the European Union is “practically irreversible” after the Brexit vote, the truth is that the globalists are not about to give up so easily.

For a very long time, advocates of increased European integration have dreamed of going all the way and creating a true “United States of Europe”, but Britain was always one of the stumbling blocks that stood in the way.

European Banks Have Their Worst Two Day Stretch EVER As The Global Financial Crisis Intensifies

Stock Exchange Trading Floor - Public DomainOver the last two trading days, European banks have lost 23 percent of their value.  Let that number sink it for a bit.  In just a two day stretch, nearly a quarter of the value of all European banks has been wiped out.  I warned you that the Brexit vote “could change everything“, and that is precisely what has happened.  Meanwhile, the Dow was down another 260 points on Monday as U.S. markets continue to be shaken as well.  Overall, approximately three trillion dollars of global stock market wealth has been lost over the last two trading days.  That is an all-time record, and any doubt that we have entered a new global financial crisis has now been completely eliminated.

But of course the biggest news on Monday was what happened to European banks.  The Brexit vote has caused financial carnage for those institutions unlike anything that we have ever seen before.  Just check out this chart from Zero Hedge

Federal Judge says he sees ‘no value’ in studying the Constitution

If you pay attention to conservative issues at all, you know that often the only thing standing in the way of a total progressive reformation of American law is the Constitution. And as American liberals become increasingly frustrated by constitutional roadblocks to their efforts to ban firearms and increase government power, they’re looking for new ways to undermine and belittle the law of the land.

Advocates of a “living” judicial interpretation of the Constitution are nothing new. But with the Supreme Court’s future hanging in the balance, the “loose constructionism” advocates among us are becoming more vocal.

In a recent op-ed for Slate, Seventh Circuit Judge Richard Posner made one of the boldest proclamations we’ve seen in a long time about the Constitution being outdated and in need of heavy modern interpretations.

Posner evidently sees so little value in the Constitution that he doesn’t believe judges should even bother studying the document.

Food prices could jump 400 percent in global shortage

In the United States, it seems like food is just about everywhere you look. So, outside prepper circles, the idea of a shortage drastic enough to create massive civil upheaval seems unimaginable to most people. But government emergency contractors are currently planning for the reality of a global food shortage and extreme price increases in the near future.

CNA Corporation, a Federal Emergency Management Agency contractor, began considering the possibility of a global food shortage that could last more than a decade with a series of data simulations late last year. The company produced a series of studies taking a look at the “food chain reaction” that could arise from prolonged crop failures and a variety of natural and manmade disasters that could cripple global agribusiness production.

For the studies, 65 officials from around the world, including experts from the State Department, the World Bank, and agribusiness giant Cargill, ran food-shortage simulations and attempted to determine how governments could best respond to shortages to minimize unrest.

Lawyer decries ‘civilizational jihad’ in a bid to expose the abusive side of social justice

A group of Muslim women recently sued a California restaurant for discrimination, alleging they were kicked out of the establishment for wearing headscarves. The restaurant owners’ lawyer says the Muslim women are simply trying to cash in by crying Islamophobia.

The Laguna Beach-based Urth Caffe is being sued by a group of Muslim women who claim not only that management gave them the boot because of their head coverings, but also that the establishment has regularly allowed violence against Muslim customers in the past.

Plaintiff Sara Farsakh, 29, called the business out for being “racist and Islamophobic” via Facebook.

“I am completely appalled by the racist and Islamophobic treatment some friends and I were subjected to by staff at Urth Caffe in Laguna Beach last night,” she wrote. “What began as a night out with some friends ended as a painful and embarrassing reminder of what it is like to be visibly Muslim – even in liberal California. By visibly Muslim, I mean women who wear the hijab, or headscarf.”

Banks 2 — Taxpayers 0

A little while ago I wrote a piece explaining why you should care about what happens to Puerto Rico.

I thank all of you who kept up a lively conversation on the issue in the comments section.

Since then, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled on whether Puerto Rico can declare bankruptcy and restructure like all corporations and all states, or if it has to pay back the money it owes, regardless of what that means for the people.

It decided that the interests of banksters who created this insane addition regarding the territory in 1984 were greater than the needs of the citizenry. In a 5-2 decision written by Clarence Thomas, SCOTUS declared that “the plain text of the Bankruptcy Code begins and end our analysis.”

What does that mean?