Did They Want More Violence In Ferguson? 10 ‘Coincidences’ Too Glaring To Ignore

Ferguson Civil Unrest - Photo by LoavesofbreadWas it a conspiracy or was it incompetence?  Those appear to be the only two alternatives that we are left with after the horrific violence that we witnessed in Ferguson on Monday night.  The first round of Ferguson rioting back in August took everyone by surprise, but this time authorities had more than three months to prepare.  They had the ability to control precisely when the grand jury decision would be announced and how many cops and National Guard troops would be deployed on the streets.  But despite all this, the violence in Ferguson on Monday night was even worse than we witnessed back in August.  Either this was a case of almost unbelievable incompetence, or there was someone out there that actually wanted this to happen.  If someone out there is actually trying to provoke more violence in Ferguson, then the rioters are being played like a fiddle.  Most of them have no idea that they could potentially just be pawns in a game that is far larger than they ever imagined.  The only other alternative to explain what we just saw is incompetence on a level that is absolutely laughable.  Something definitely does not smell right about all of this, and let us hope that at some point the American people get the truth.  The following are 10 “coincidences” from Monday night in Ferguson that are too glaring to ignore…

More schools look to armed teachers as first line of defense against shooters

Officials at an Ohio school district are considering a proposal that would place guns in strategic locations on campuses to give teachers and faculty a potential advantage in the event on an active shooter scenario.

Riverside Local School board members discussed the issue of guns on campus for protection last week and will revisit proposals in mid-December, according to a report in the Dayton Daily News.

One such proposal would involve placing firearms in hidden lockboxes throughout the school and training willing teachers and staff to be part of an armed response team. Only those trained would be able to access the firearms.

The plan would follow the lead of Ohio’s Sidney City School District, which recently added hidden firearms and a collection of bulletproof vests to its safety provisions.

According to reports, 37 teachers in the district have access to the guns.

“We have some families that have indicated to us that they have open enrolled their children in Sidney City Schools because of the school security measures we have taken,” that district’s superintendent, John Scheu, told WDTN over the summer.

Sidney schools also feature signs notifying visitors that the campus is protected by an armed response team.

GQ magazine ranks Obama among ‘least influential’ people of 2014

For the past year, the Obama administration has seldom gone more than a few days without having to answer questions about political scandals, foreign policy ineptitude, failed promises or presidential overreach. That appears to be why GQ magazine is the latest in a list of unlikely Obama critics as the president enters the final stretch of his White House tenure.

The magazine, in its “The Least Influential People of 2014″, includes Obama on a list that includes the likes of U2’s Bono, former NBA owner and racist Donald Sterling, the Malaysia Airlines searchers at CNN, former Alaska Gov. and matriarch of white trash brawlers Sarah Palin, perpetual war hawk John McCain, and others.

Here’s what the magazine’s Drew Magary has to say about Obama:

Why are you still on Martha’s Vineyard?! Missouri is BURNING. Putin is conquering Europe. The CDC is playing nude Twister with Ebola patients. U2 is forcing bad songs on everyone. The NSA won’t stop watching me masturbate. I need you ON THIS. Are you even president anymore? When Obama got blasted for golfing shortly after ISIS beheaded journalist James Foley, he said, “I should’ve anticipated the optics.” How do you win the presidency without knowing that golfing makes you look rich and indifferent?

Holiday 2014: Spending up, Internet sales to increase

As the holiday shopping season kicks into full swing this week, new polling data suggest that retailers should expect a slight uptick in shopping activity ahead of Christmas 2014.

According to numbers from the Gallup polling agency, Americans will spend an average of $720 on gifts for loved ones this year, up 3 percent from an estimated average of $704 in November 2013.

Twenty-one percent of Americans told pollsters that they plan to spend at least $500 on holiday gifts, while a quarter said they will spend $1,000 or more on gifts this holiday shopping season. Among those planning to spend less on gifts, 24 percent report that they will likely spend less than $250 on holiday shopping and 15 percent plan to spend between $250 and $499 this year.

Nine percent of those polled said they don’t plan to spend anything on gifts or don’t celebrate Christmas.

If holiday spending is an indicator of economic confidence, Gallup notes: “Though up from 2013, the current spending estimate is well below the November reading in several earlier years, particularly in 2006 and 2007, when the figure exceeded $800.”

HHS admits Obamacare optimism based on smoke and mirrors

Last week, the Internet lit up with reports that the White House had managed to dress up last year’s Obamacare enrollment performance by finagling the numbers to include dental-only sign-ups — a sleight of hand that added 400,000 policies to its optimistic total.

Without the inclusion of that number, total enrollment last year would have fallen short of its target of 7 million customers.

Throughout the summer, HHS and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) had boasted that Obamacare had enrolled 8 million new policies. CMS director Marilyn Tavenner later walked back that claim, testifying in September that the number had been inflated by, oh, about 700,000.

Now, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sylvia Burwell has fallen on the sword, only a couple of days after Bloomberg revealed the dental-insurance legerdemain.

Well, she didn’t exactly tackle the numbers lie head-on. But Burwell did at least acknowledge the administration had made a “mistake,” sending this tweet after the dental coverage story began circulating on the Web:

Will the Republicans have the guts to play hardball?

Barack Obama has certainly tossed down the gauntlet in front of the Republicans, hasn’t he? In an address to the nation last Thursday night, he finally confirmed all of the trial balloons the White House had launched, promising he would issue some sort of executive order on immigration.

Turns out the reality goes even further than we were warned about. Although the president has said the Administration will establish procedures that will permit some 5 million illegal aliens to remain in this country and receive work permits, he is in effect stopping the deportation of all illegals, except for criminals, terrorists and the latest arrivals. By doing so, Obama has made sure that almost all of the estimated 11 million to 12 million illegals in this country are in no danger of being deported. In effect, he has granted amnesty to all but a handful of them.

Of course, his actions now fly in the face of his repeated assertions over the past six years that he did not have the authority to do so. “The problem is,” Obama said last year, “that I’m the president of the United States. I’m not the emperor of the United States. My job is to execute laws that are passed.”

Arthritis relief from nature’s pharmacy

Few among us can escape at least some pain from arthritis, especially as we grow older. For many unfortunate people, arthritis pain becomes so severe that they are no longer able to function normally. And for a vast number of other arthritis sufferers, even simple tasks like opening a bottle of aspirin or vitamins can become an insurmountable challenge because of inflammation in the joints.

Nature’s pharmacy comes well-stocked with remedies that for many people can help diminish the debilitating effects of arthritis and in some cases eliminate them altogether.

It has been known in medical science for some time that our bodies produce two enzymes — COX-1 and COX-2 — that cause inflammation when overproduced, resulting in swelling and pain. Blocking these enzymes makes the pain subside.

Popular pain relievers try to do this. However, they don’t always work. Here’s why: There’s another enzyme called 5-LO that releases chemicals more troublesome than those from COX-2. When pain relievers don’t work, it’s likely because they don’t block the effects of the 5-LO enzyme.

Medical researchers tested more than 1,000 plant extracts trying to find any that would block all three enzymes. They found just two: Chinese skullcap and acacia.

Death of the ‘Mayor for Life’

Far be it for me to point this out, but I could write 10,000 words on Marion Barry and merely scratch the surface of his bizarrely significant impact not only on Washingtonian politics, but on American politics. Forget about the sinister misdeeds of graft machines dating back before William M. “Boss” Tweed made New York his own private piggy bank. Wipe away the image of former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner’s sneering his way through a sexual harassment scandal that ultimately brought him down. Ignore the lurid details from former mayor and current convict Kwame Kilpatrick’s years-long Detroit house party. Don’t bother calling ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin off the school bus. Throw out even the best efforts of North America’s current heavyweight (and I do mean “heavyweight”) champion of municipal merriment, Toronto’s soon-to-be-ex mayor Rob Ford.

10 Signs That Russia Is Preparing To Fight (And Win) A Nuclear War With The United States

Russian Submarine Launching A Nuclear Missile - Public DomainIf the United States and Russia fought a nuclear war, who would win?  You might be surprised by the answer.  Under the Obama administration, the rapidly aging U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal has been shrinking.  Meanwhile, the Russians have been developing an entirely new generation of bombers, submarines and missiles that have the capability of delivering an absolutely crippling first strike.  At this point, most Americans consider a full-scale nuclear war to be inconceivable.  But in Russia attitudes are completely different.  To the Russians, the United States is enemy number one these days and the Russians are feverishly preparing for a potential military showdown.  Of course the Russians don’t actually want to have to resort to nuclear war.  Such an event would be an unspeakable horror for the entire globe.  But if one does happen, the Russians want to make sure that they are the ones that come out on top.

A lot of Americans are still operating under the faulty assumption that the doctrine of “mutually assured destruction” still applies.  The thinking was that both sides had so many nuclear missiles that a launch by one side would guarantee the destruction of both parties.

But since that time, so much has changed.

The Federal Reserve Is At The Heart Of The Debt Enslavement System That Dominates Our Lives

The Great Seal Of The United States - A Symbol Of Your Enslavement - Photo by IpankoninFrom the dawn of history, elites have always attempted to enslave humanity.  Yes, there have certainly been times when those in power have slaughtered vast numbers of people, but normally those in power find it much more beneficial to profit from the labor of those that they are able to subjugate.  If you are forced to build a pyramid, or pay a third of your crops in tribute, or hand over nearly half of your paycheck in taxes, that enriches those in power at your expense.  You become a “human resource” that is being exploited to serve the interests of others.  Today, some forms of slavery have been outlawed, but one of the most insidious forms is more pervasive than ever.  It is called debt, and virtually every major decision of our lives involves more of it.  For example, at the very beginning of our adult lives we are pushed to go to college, and Americans have piled up more than 1.2 trillion dollars of student loan debt at this point.  When we buy homes, most Americans get mortgages that they can barely afford, and when we buy vehicles most Americans now stretch their loans out over five or six years.  When we get married, that often means even more debt.  And of course no society on Earth has ever piled up more credit card debt than we have.  Almost all of us are in bondage to debt at this point, and as we slowly pay off that debt over the years we will greatly enrich the elitists that tricked us into going into so much debt in the first place.  At the apex of this debt enslavement system is the Federal Reserve.  As you will see below, it is an institution that is designed to produce as much debt as possible.

More IRS employee hijinks: out-of-date tax records, lax enforcement of second-job policy

Working for the IRS must have its perks. According to a recent audit from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), the agency isn’t doing much to enforce its policy on clearing employees to hold second jobs that don’t present conflicts of interests.

Maybe that’s a good thing for the IRS, because if it did uniformly enforce its own policy, it would have to pull its employee info from a database that’s severely out of date and inaccurate.

The TIGTA review — titled “Controls Over Outside Employment Are Not Sufficient to Prevent or Detect Conflicts of Interest” — finds that half of the employees who held second jobs or pursued business ventures in 2011 “did not obtain documented approval, as required by Department of the Treasury regulations and IRS policies.”

Such checks are part of agency policy to ensure that “the IRS has controls in place to provide reasonable assurance that outside employment requests are documented and reviewed for conflicts with employees’ official duties.”

In addition, the audit found that 93 percent of the IRS’s database, which contains records that track employees’ outside work requests, is out of date. It also notes that the agency does not even document all the requests its employees submit.

Court action may set precedent for future cellphone snooping attempts by law enforcement

It may not represent a sea change in the way police justify their use of a controversial cellular surveillance technique, but a judge’s action in North Carolina last week might have laid the groundwork in establishing how far law enforcement is willing to go to exploit the technology in the future.

Over the objections of local law enforcement, Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Richard Boner, of the 26th Judicial Circuit in North Carolina, unsealed a trove of court documents that outline how police had used StingRay-type devices to scoop up evidence from criminal suspects’ cellphones.

StingRay-type devices are capable of simulating a cell tower within a given radius, redirecting individuals’ cell phones away from their service provider’s nearest tower location and connecting directly with those users’ phones. The U.S. Department of Justice maintains that police do not need a warrant to do this, so long as they don’t listen in on actual conversations.

Boner released 529 court documents relating to StingRay use since 2006 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, following a petition from The Charlotte Observer to make the documents public.

“Senior Deputy City Attorney Judith Emken said during that period, police applied for court orders giving them permission to deploy the device, generically called a cell-site simulator,” the Observer reported.

Forget the turkey, pardon the economy

The Obama administration last week continued its tradition of dumping its massive regulatory agenda just as Washington shut down for the holidays. This year’s Unified Agenda is comprised of 3,415 regulations, 189 of which are expected to cost more than $100 million.

The latest semi-annual regulatory road map includes an unsurprising dictate for the Environmental Protection Agency to finalize of greenhouse gas rules for coal-fired power plants by 2015. It also calls for the issuance of a final rule on coal ash residue no later than Dec. 19.

The coal as rule could result in as much as $20.3 billion in compliance costs, most of which will be paid by the power sector.

Another EPA rule listed for finalization in the agenda is the government’s attempt to redefine the Clean Water Act’s “Waters of the United States” rule, a process that has been criticized by the nation’s agribusiness community as well as concerned landowners.

Another rule, called a regulatory surprise by The Hill newspaper, is a Consumer Product Safety Commission plan to rethink flammability standards for upholstered furniture. Compliance costs for that regulation are expected to reach upwards of $100 million.

SNL mocks Obama’s executive order with ‘Schoolhouse Rock!’ parody

Last week’s rendition of “Saturday Night Live” opened with a skit criticizing President Barack Obama’s decision to grant amnesty to as many as 5 million illegal immigrants via executive order. The skit updates the “Schoolhouse Rock!” classic “I’m Just a Bill.”

In the SNL skit, a “Bill” (Kenan Thompson) is tossed aside by President Barack Obama (Jay Pharoah) in favor an executive order (Bobby Moynihan) to explain how government has really worked in Washington for the past several years amid congressional dysfunction and presidential defiance.

As “Bill” explains his function and how he comes to be, just as he does in the original “Schoolhouse Rock!,” Obama (Pharoah) appears in the skit, knocks the bill down and announces: “There’s actually an even easier way to get things done around here, and it’s called an executive order.”

Enter the executive order (Moynihan), singing: “I’m an executive order and I pretty much just happen… That’s it.”

Asked whether he has to go through Congress, the executive order replies: “Ahh, that’s adorable. You still think that’s how government works.”

By then, “Bill” has returned to protest: “Look at the midterm elections. People clearly don’t want this.”

Ron Paul: Defeat of USA FREEDOM Act is a victory for freedom

It will not shock readers to hear that, quite often, legislation on Capitol Hill is not as advertised. When Congress wants to do something particularly objectionable, congressmen tend give it a fine-sounding name. The PATRIOT Act is perhaps the best-known example. The legislation had been drafted well before 9/11 but was going nowhere. Then the 9/11 attacks gave it a new lease on life. Politicians exploited the surge in patriotism following the attack to reintroduce the bill and call it the PATRIOT Act. To oppose it at that time was, by design, to seem unpatriotic.

At the time, 62 Democrats voted against the Act. On the Republican side there were only three “no” votes: then-Representatives Bob Ney (R-Ohio) and Butch Otter (R-Idaho) and I.

The abuses of the Constitution in the PATRIOT Act do not need to be fully recounted here, but Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama both claimed authority based on it to gut the 4th Amendment. The PATRIOT Act ushered in the era of warrantless wiretapping, monitoring of our Internet behavior, watering down of probable cause, and much more. After the revelations by whistle-blower Edward Snowden, we know how the NSA viewed constitutional restraints on surveillance of American people during the PATRIOT Act period.

Scientists not in agreement on whether humans shape climate

The scientific community is more or less evenly split on whether human beings play a significant role in shaping the Earth’s ever-changing climate, according to one recent survey.

That’s a far cry from the “97 percent” of scientists the Obama administration continually invokes as advocating an anthropocentric view of climate change.

A survey conducted by Purdue University found scientists split in their opinions on the cause of so-called climate change, with fifty percent attributing changes to human activities. The remainder was further split into those who believe humans and nature are both equally shaping the climate, those who believe nature does that job on its own, and those who believe there’s not enough evidence to tell.

None of those surveyed indicated that “climate change” is not occurring.

“Contrary to the repeated insistence of both climate alarmists and the media, scientists do not all agree on the standard climate alarmism talking points,” The Washington Free Beacon observed in its story on the survey.

“A Purdue University scholar, surveying scientists in the agricultural sector including climatologists, found surprising disagreement on humanity’s role in climate change. These findings, though contrary to popular narrative on climate change, are unsurprising to anyone familiar with the prevalence of dissent in the scientific community.”

Judge to California AG: Stop stalling and comply with court order to end 10-day firearms wait period

In August, federal judge Anthony W. Ishiji struck down California’s 10-day wait period for firearms purchases on Constitutional grounds. Now he’s not-so-gently encouraging the state to, ahem, stop stalling and comply with that ruling.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris had requested a stay of that decision, reasoning that doing so on Judge Ishiji’s timeframe would pose a bureaucratic inconvenience.

Ishiji was less than convinced, writing in his denial of that request that the state had better get its priorities straight – and complying with a court order demanding an end to an unconstitutional law happens to be a pretty high priority indeed.

The problem is that Defendant believes that other projects are deserving of greater priority. There is no description of what these critical projects are or when the deadlines might be, nor is there an explanation of why outside contractors cannot be utilized for some of those projects, nor is there an explanation of why computer personnel from different departments or agencies cannot be utilized. A bench trial has concluded, and a law that is actively being enforced has been found to be unconstitutional.

Ebola and flu protection 101: Preserve your life and liberty with peak immunity

Our focus of late has been on politics and the many ways government is stealing your liberty from you by the day. While politics and all that includes is certainly an important topic, it’s not all-important.

In fact, it could be argued that nothing steals our liberty more than being in poor health – because poor health and illness prevent us from reaching our potential and doing all that we want and need to do – and nothing causes poor health more than poor diet and dependence upon the medical-industrial complex and its “cures.” That’s because poor diet and constant chemical exposure reduces our immunity. When our immune systems are weak, we have disease.

There are two words that, if we understand them and use them to our benefit, will shield our families from the scourge of sickness and disease. No, those two words aren’t “flu vaccine,” though that is what you hear – especially this time of year – from your doctor and pharmacy.

The two key words are “peak immunity.” These are indeed magic words that seem to be up in the ether in a far away dream for most people.