Rand Paul to hawks: Downing of Russian plane highlights need for better communication

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said that Turkey’s downing of a Russian war plane fighting ISIS is a perfect example of why U.S. hawks are wrong to advocate cutting communication with the U.S.’s Cold War adversary.

Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson all called for a no-fly zone over Iraq or Syria to send a message to Russia during the last GOP presidential debate.

Bob Livingston, at the time, explained to readers why that would be insane:

A no-fly zone is an act of war. ISIS — our purported enemy in the region — doesn’t have an air force. So who is the no-fly zone for if not to oppose Russia and Syria? So establishing or attempting to establish a no-fly zone over Iraq — which has hinted it’ll ask the Russians to use their aircraft to help defeat ISIS — would provoke a clash between U.S. and Russian aircraft, sparking World War III. Likewise, the Syrians have asked Russia — not the U.S. — for help. So any no-fly zone over Syria is an overt act of war.

Federal Law Enforcement Association urges Obama to help struggling Americans, not potentially dangerous refugees

The president of an organization representing federal law enforcement officers has an idea for the Obama administration: Why not help out the millions of homeless and suffering American veterans and children before spending millions of dollars hustling refugees from terror strongholds into the country?

Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association President Nathan Catura said that bringing the refugees to the U.S. is going to make the American public less safe no matter how many billions of dollars the federal government spends on the Obama administration’s resettlement efforts.

“How would our government distinguish men and women of military age from true refugees with those intending harm to the American public? The hard, cold truth is there is no way to do it,” he said in a statement.

And the 25,000 federal police officers from 65 agencies he represents, Catura continued, lack the resources to protect Americans from the potential thousands of terror sympathizers the government could let in without proper vetting.

For some, it’s looking like Obama wants ISIS to win

A series of new reports about the Obama administration’s rolling ignorance and willful inaction in dealing with a burgeoning Islamic terror threat throughout the world are raising serious questions about the current administration’s true intentions.

A series of new reports about the Obama administration’s rolling ignorance and willful inaction in dealing with a burgeoning Islamic terror threat throughout the world are raising serious questions about the current administration’s true intentions.

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who formerly served as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) under President Obama, recently suggested on Fox News that the White House has allowed ISIS to gain power in the Middle East by ignoring intelligence information.

“Nobody can sit here today, particularly given the amount of intelligence the White House got and say ‘We didn’t know this was a problem.’ Give me a break,” he said on “Kelly File.”

EU proposes more gun laws

In typical statist knee-jerk fashion, the European Union is proposing more restrictive gun laws in wake of the Nov. 14 terrorist attacks in Paris. Statist gun-grabbers and big government criminals always exploit tragedy to pass laws depriving people of their rights.

The new laws will, among other things, impose a ban on semi-automatic weapons … because France’s ban on semi-automatic weapons and handguns worked so well in deterring the attackers before. The new laws would also seek to restrict the restoration of “deactivated or neutralized or decommissioned weapons.”

Already in France, gun ownership is restricted to a few licensed individuals who are able to establish a “genuine reason to possess a firearm.” The attackers, who did not submit to background checks or take any other steps toward getting the proper licensing to comply with French laws, were said to have used Soviet-era Kalashnikov rifles. Authorities are speculating the firearms had been previously deactivated and restored illegally.

Thanksgiving, the love of a moveable feast

“Part of you died each year when the leaves fell from the trees and their branches were bare against the wind and the cold, wintry light. But you knew there would always be the spring…” — Ernest Hemingway, “A Moveable Feast”

My wife and I have strength, determination and love, which have kept us together through our 35 years of marriage. And now we have three children who are into their own marriages with children. It isn’t easy, but the bonds of marriage never are.

Fortunately, like many couples, we were patient gardeners who have enjoyed the harvest of our lives.

I have found that Thanksgiving is a touchstone to what is important to us and measures the patience and love of a long marriage and the love that grows with our children, siblings and lifelong friends.

Warning: If You Live Anywhere Near Chicago, Brace Yourself For Massive Rioting

Ferguson Civil Unrest - Photo by LoavesofbreadA video is going to be released tomorrow that shows a white police officer shooting a 17-year-old African-American young man named Laquan McDonald 16 times.  Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez says that this video is “graphic”, “violent” and “chilling”, and it is expected to provoke a very strong emotional reaction from Chicago’s very large African-American community.  Over the past few years, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray have all become household names because of the way that they died, and now it looks like Laquan McDonald’s name will be added to that list.  But the situation in Chicago is potentially even more volatile what we witnessed in either Ferguson or Baltimore.  More than a million African-Americans live in the Chicago metropolitan area, and the crime rate in the city has already been skyrocketing.  In fact, it is being projected that Chicago’s murder rate will increase by 20 percent in 2015.  This is a city that is always living on the edge of chaos, and now the case of Laquan McDonald could be the spark that sets Chicago ablaze.

The Triumph Of Materialism: The Average American Will Spend 830 Dollars On Christmas In 2015

Christmas Gift - Public DomainHas there ever been a major holiday more focused on materialism than the modern American Christmas?  This year, Americans are planning to spend an average of 830 dollars on Christmas gifts, which represents a jump of 110 dollars over the average of 720 dollars last year.  But have our incomes gone up accordingly?  Of course not.  In fact, real median household income in the United States has been experiencing a steady long-term decline.  So in order to fund all of our Christmas spending, we have got to go into even more debt.  We love to pull out our credit cards and spend money that we do not have on lots of cheap, useless stuff made on the other side of the world by workers making slave labor wages.  We do the same thing year after year, and most of us have grown accustomed to the endless cycle of growing debt.  In fact, one Pew survey found that approximately 70 percent of all Americans believe that “debt is a necessity in their lives”.  But then we have to work our fingers to the bone to try to make the payments on all of that debt, not realizing that debt systematically impoverishes us.  It may be hard to believe, but if you have a single dollar in your pocket and no debt, you have a greater net worth than 25 percent of all Americans.  I know that sounds crazy, but it is true.