SK5 Settings

SK5 Settings




  • Disable Typing (others will not see you typing)
  • Read Receipts (how others perceive messages they sent to you)
    • Normal (identical to stock Kik)
    • Delivered (locked on “D” for delivered)
    • Stealth (locked on “S” for sent)
    • Super Stealth
  • Who’s Reading (gives you the name of who read your message)
  • Fake Camera Detector (exposes users who send fake camera messages)
  • Device Exposer (next to their profile picture inside the chat area, it shows what device/mod they’re using)
  • Start Chatting Detector (replies automatically when someone adds you to their chat list)
  • Start Chatting Reply (customize the reply when someone adds you to their chat list)
  • Username Catcher (Gives you the name of who looked at your profile via a pm notification)


    • Enable Custom Background (This premium feature allows for the use of a custom chat backgrounds as well as PNGs with transparency that serve as an overly on the groups own background image. Used for all chat groups.)
    • Choose Custom Chat Background Image (transparent PNG for overlay or JPG to cover)
    • Download Kik Theme Backgrounds (these are the standard chat backgrounds)
    • Restart Application (click to restart for theme changes to take effect)
    • Disable Kik Chat Theme (disables all of Kik’s chat theme elements)
    • Square Pictures (profile pictures will be squares)
    • Marquee Names (chat names will scroll if they are too long)
    • Rainbow Text (text changes color)
    • Custom Font (set the font inside the message bubbles)
    • Font Size (set the size of the font in the message bubbles)
    • Chat Bubble Color
    • Enable Custom Colors (toggles custom colors on or off)
    • Incoming Bubble Color (bubble color representing other people)
    • Incoming Message Text Color (message text color representing other people)
    • Incoming Link Text Color (color of links sent by other people)
    • Outgoing Bubble Color (your bubble color)
    • Outgoing Message Text Color (your text color)
    • Outgoing Link Text Color (your link color)


    • Send Bypass Image
    • Send Custom Image
    • Send Custom Article
    • Image Text (customize text that appears below the Kik card)
    • Article Title (customize the article’s title)
    • Article Text (customize the article’s text)
  • MEDIA (media restrictions does not affect SK5)
    • Fake Camera (send gallery media as camera)
    • No Forward (sent media cannot be forwarded by stock Kik)
    • No Save (sent media cannot be saved by stock Kik)
    • Auto Play (sent media plays automatically)
    • Auto Mute (sent media is automatically muted)
    • Auto Loop (sent media plays on a loop)
PROTECTION (w/built in fake IP)

PROTECTION (w/built in fake IP)

    • Anti-Logger (blocks attempts to log your IP)
    • Allow GIFs (Allows legitimate GIFs to play if anti-logger is on)
    • Allow Bot Videos (allows legitimate bot videos to play if anti-logger is on)
    • Expose Stanza Users (users detected sending stanzas are exposed via a post in that group)
    • Do Not Disturb (prevents others from adding you to groups)
    • Do Not Message (automatically disables PMs for groups you join)


    • Auto Add (allows to automatically add group joiners into your contact list)
      • Off
      • Add Contact Only (silent)
      • Add Contact + Send In Group (posts their username in the group [format: nullusername])
    • Auto Reply (WARNING: once on, disabling this option requires logging out! It is recommended that you do not use this setting) (automatically replies to messages sent to you)
      • Green
      • Custom Reply (custom setting below)
      • Auto Mock
      • Auto Meme (custom setting below)
      • Reverse Auto Mock
      • Reverse Auto Meme
    • Smart Auto Reply (if auto reply is enabled, this will limit the replies to 5 minutes apart)
    • Custom Auto Reply (sets the custom auto reply message)
    • Custom Media Reply (sets the custom auto media reply message)
  • SK V5 BOT
    • SK V5 Bot (allows only admins to use the built in SK V5 Bot)
    • SK V5 Bot Permissions (allows non-admins to add triggers to your bot)
    • SK V5 Bot Force Group Owner [present but not enabled!] (SK V5 Bot will jid spoof group owner and leave group after self-promoting to owner)
    • SK V5 Bot Take Target Account [present but not enabled!] (SK V5 Bot will brute force targets password and replace it. new password will be sent to your PM.
    • SK V5 Bot Trace [present but not enabled!] (SK V5 Bot will piggyback target’s jid and watch their movements around Kik)
    • Automatically Log Any Bluekik/kingkik Version Number [present but not enabled!] (saves user’s account UUID to trace)
    • Disallow Noobs (removes joiners who’s account is not old enough)
      • Set Disallow Noobs Age Limit (minimum required days old)
    • Anti-Spam (response to users sending messages too quickly)
      • Off/Remove/Ban
    • Anti-Empty Profile Picture (response to users with no PFP)
      • Off/Remove/Ban
    • Anti-Modded Timestamp (response to users with modded timestamps [these mess up how groups are displayed in the chat list])
      • Off/Remove/Ban
    • Anti-Long Name (response to users with names over 120 characters long)
      • Off/Remove/Ban
    • Bot Moderation Message (Bot will post why user was removed, before removing them)


    • Performance Mode [keeps app running in background] (enable this if you use the SK V5 Bot functions)
    • Delete All Contacts (deletes all users from your friends list)
    • Delete All Messages (clears all messages without signing out)
    • Delete Only Pictures/Videos (clears ONLY media messages without signing out)
    • Welcome Back Toast (greets you every time you open SK5)
    • Customize Toast (set your own welcome back toast message)
    • Custom Hint (change the text hint inside the chat textbox)
    • Custom Typing (change the “is typing…” text people see when you are typing)
    • Enable Ads (shows MediaLabs ads in Kik)
    • Multiple Photos (send multiple photos at the same time)
    • Blur Media (blurs incoming media in all chats)
    • No Pull (disables “Pull to Search” on the chat list page)
    • Hidden Mods (full list of assigned and available A/B Test modules, also listed in main setting area)

A/B Test Mods (enable undocumented modifications)

Shadow Mode (toggles primary text between green & white)
Account Switcher (backup and restore chat history [text only], work around is necessary)
Unlock All Kik Emojis


A separate account must post the trigger “commands”. This means any account other than the one running SK5. This will give you a list of available “!” commands. In order for this to function, the bot must be turned on AND the toggle must be on to allow other’s to interact with the bot.
IMPORTANT: Always use a leading space before any “!” command.


Add is a personal trigger system not accessible to other users; it is only available to the account running SK5. A small window will pop up to allow you to add your custom personal trigger. The triggers set with the !add command will be available for use in all chats the user is in. After a trigger has been set, the trigger does not post in the group, but only the response.


Use this command to delete existing triggers that were set via the !add command. A small window that displays a list of your existing triggers will pop up. Check the box for the trigger you wish to delete and press the delete button. Alternatively, you can delete all the triggers at once.