• Unable to change/add profile or group picture
    The work around is to log into stock Kik to make changes, then log back into your Talos SK5 Mod.
  • Post bubbles randomly change color to white
    This is believed to be a cache/memory glitch. The work around is to change your theme text color so it is darker than your bubble colors.

How do I change my profile/group image?

This process is explained below under the “backup chats” question.

SK5 Restarts when I enter the !bot command.

You must have a leading space before the “!“. This rule applies to all commands that use the exclamation point.

SK5 still restarts even when I enter a space before the !

Your keyboard is automatically removing the leading space. Go into your keyboard’s settings and change it so it does not automatically remove leading spaces, or use a different keyboard.

How come when I click on a link it opens Google?

This is due to having the Anti Loggers setting as active. Disable this setting to have future links allowed.
A work around is to press and hold on the link post until a menu pops up. Then press Copy URL. Then paste the URL as a post (delete duplicate info beforehand). This works most of the time, but not always.
(Settings icon) > SK V5 MOD SETTINGS > Protection Inc Build in Fake Ip > Anti Loggers

I changed my custom background/overlay pic, but nothing changed.

Normally you should see the changes immediately. However, if you don’t then restart SK5 for the changes to take affect.

How do I backup my chats in Purple or Base? (PFP workaround)

Need to change your PFP or group PFP? Because the core parts of SK5 are encrypted and the Talos SK5 Mods change internal files, the built-in backup system does not work as it should. Below is an awkward work around, but it will work to backup and restore your chats if you can follow instructions. Note however, that only text is backed up, not media (this is identical to official SK5).

Always keep a copy of the vc550 official SK5 apk handy as well as the themed Talos SK5 Mod apk.

  1. Install vc550 official SK5 over top of your installed Talos SK5 Mod.
  2. Backup your chats.
    (Settings icon) > SK V5 MOD SETTINGS > Account Switcher (select “Backup”)
  3. Log into stock Kik to perform the tasks you need to do which require logging out SK5 (such as changing your PFP).
  4. Afterwards, log back in on vc550 official SK5.
  5. Restore your chats.
    (Settings icon) > SK V5 MOD SETTINGS > Account Switcher (select “Restore”)
  6. Install the Talos SK5 Mod back over top vc550 official SK5.

Done. Repeat whenever you need to do something that means logging out.

FONTS do not display properly in SK5.

SK5 displays no text or just letters here and there which makes it very difficult to navigate through the app, how can I fix this? SK5 makes use of Unicode characters. Unfortunately however, some devices do not properly display Unicode. As a result, those devices show no text or only individual text characters within the GUI. See the image for an example of this.

Above: SK5 on a device that does not properly display Unicode text.
Notice the scattering of letters throughout the user interface.

There is no workaround for this issue. The only options are to upgrade to a better device or use a different Mod. We recommend Tamed Dark, which is built on SK4 and has similar features as SK5, although it is not quite as advanced.

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