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hello mehtuus do you remember me?

i am the owner of mehtuus on firefox. you stole it from me.

well, in the end you can see that firefox changed so much, you can use MY addons anymore.

this is called justice.

Mehguuus the Scammer
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Dear Mehguuus the Scammer,

Mehtuus has supplied to me the answers to your questions in order:
  1. No.
    You are not remembered because you did not identify yourself. And why is that? Because you are a scammer.
  2. No, you are not.
    It seems as though you are saying that you are the owner of the account with the name "Mehtuus" on the Firefox servers. And yet, you did not supply any evidence for this. And why is that? Because you are a scammer.
  3. Nope.
    It was never yours to begin with. Why would you make this claim? Because you are a scammer.

Then you go on some incoherrent rambling about Firefox changing, using your Firefox addons, and justice.
  1. Yeah, Firefox has changed. So what.
  2. Do you have any addons worth using? Wouldn't know because you didn't list any.
  3. For there to be justice there must first be an injustice. The only injustice found here is you being a scammer.

"Good Day Sir!" - Willy Wonka
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