Detoxifying the body’s city dump

Nobody can live without their liver, but we all try it.

The human liver was created to be a human garbage disposal. But in many people their liver is a city dump. The result is that over-waste means overwork.

Liver sludge translates into low energy, an overweight body, stiff joints, digestion problems, and accumulation of toxins from junk foods and drugs. And since seniors have less ability to assimilate, the toxic buildup of pharmaceutical drugs becomes deadly and fatal. Slower and deteriorated liver and kidney functions compound the buildup of toxemia. Enough toxemia concludes life on this earth.

“Detox” is a word you see and hear all the time these days but what does it mean? It means we all need to do something for our health that we never think about, and that is help our livers take out the trash. We can give our liver new life at any age and most of our health problems will improve or go away. We don’t have to know that our livers are toxic. We can assume it.

The calcium cure

One of the great illusions of our time is that we live in a civilized world. This implies that we have risen above witchcraft and voodoo. We live in a time when giant, multi-billion dollar industries get their profits based on the perpetuation of pure myths. These myths are jealously protected as if they were patents. They allow no infringements.

The health revolution has been stolen. The pharmaceuticals have a master plan. They have seized upon a paradigm shift to health awareness and completely reversed it in favor of the drug cartels. Most people now believe that drugs are the real cures and essential nutrients, upon which health is built, are worthless.

They manufacture worthless placebos by the ton and distribute them at unbelievable profits. And when they sell you nutrients, they do so in such a wrongheaded manner that the body fails and disease ensues, as they well know, guaranteeing a return of the masses to prescribed drugs.

Vitamin A, the common cold and infection

I strongly suspect that many people live their lives with subclinical infections as evidenced by continuous coughing and/or spitting up corrupt mucus. Really, vitamins A, C, and D should be called vitamin ACD as all are vital in the fight against infection. Most people, maybe as high as 80 percent, are short in vitamin A.

The prevalence of night blindness and the common cold gives convincing evidence of this deficiency. And studies have shown that the older we are the less store of vitamin A we have in our livers, which is where about 90 percent of our vitamin A stores are found.

We do not “catch” colds or so-called virus infections. We develop colds and infections from nutritional deficiencies. Millions of seniors line up each year for “flu shots.” I have never quite understood how a vaccine could substitute for nutritional deficiency. The government is very interested in us getting our flu shots, and most do. All you need is vitamin ACD!

Noninvasive ways to clean your arteries of plaque

The default position for the vast majority of mainstream cardiologists and emergency doctors treating a patient with angina and/or arterial blockage is the insertion of a stent – a tiny tube that can be inserted into the artery to restore blood flow.

As the mainstream medicine-pushing explains:

Stents are usually necessary when plaque blocks a blood vessel. Plaque is made of cholesterol and other substances that attach to the walls of a vessel.

You may need a stent during an emergency procedure. An emergency procedure is more common if an artery of the heart called a coronary artery is blocked. Your doctor will first place a catheter into the blocked coronary artery. This will allow them to do a balloon angioplasty to open the blockage. They’ll then place a stent in the artery to keep the vessel open.

Broccoli: The vegetable of youth

Most kids hate it, but broccoli, is the vegetable of youth.

I’ve previously written to you about broccoli’s anti-cancer properties. But now we have something new on this special food.

Research from the Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis discovered that a compound found in broccoli is converted by the body into the coenzyme NAD (nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide) that plays a key role in the energy production at the cellular level. NAD production slows as we age and our energy supply dwindles.

Scientists provided healthy mice with the compound NMN – found in broccoli – then monitored the health of the mice over their lifetimes. They found that even though the mice aged they appeared very much like young mice; maintaining their energy, weight and health. Their skeletal muscles and bone density were retained, their retinas remained healthy and their livers maintained their function. They even remained more insulin resistant when compared to mice the same age given a placebo instead of NMN.

Why marriage is good for your health

A new study published in Psychoneuroendocrinology reveals that marriage is good for your health.

Married people tend be healthier than those who have never been married as well as those who are no longer married due to death of spouse, divorce or separation. Researchers wanted to know why that was.

What the team found is that those who were married produced lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol than those who were never married or who were previously married. Cortisol is produced during prolonged periods of stress and it has been shown to interfere with the body’s ability to regulate inflammation which leads to the development and progression of many diseases.

In the study, researchers over a period of three non-consecutive days collected saliva samples from 527 individuals ranging in age from 21-55. Multiple samples were taken during each 24-hour period and tested for cortisol.

Using the immune system, not drugs, to beat cancer

Is cancer treatment in America about to turn a corner?

The standard treatment for cancer in orthodox medicine is the “poison, burn and cut” technique. This means tumors are surgically excised and the patient is treated with heavy doses of chemicals (chemotherapy) or radiation or both.

This is not medical therapy. Cancer is an industry for profit. It is not designed to cure you!  If you pay attention to the words they use it is always about “treatment” and “survival rate” and how many years you might live after diagnosis. Many types of cancer treatments including various drugs can in fact cause cancer!

But new research seems to be focusing on using the body’s immune system — with a little help from science — to truly defeat cancer.