No, Donald Trump doesn’t want to starve the elderly

American leftists are shrieking about modest cuts to some domestic welfare programs proposed by the Trump administration. Meanwhile, many conservatives are praising a White House spending plan that spends as much as the previous spend-happy administration. What gives?

The Democratic National Committee sent a recent email blast to supporters screaming that President Donald Trump’s budget plan comes complete with an evil caveat that would starve elderly Americans who rely on Meals on Wheels.

From the email: “Donald Trump is cutting Meals on Wheels, a program that delivers meals to senior citizens in need, to pay for his border wall.”

But it’s really not so simple.

The Democratic consternation comes from a portion of Trump’s proposal that would make cuts to a block grant program administered via the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

And the DNC email is nothing more than a  cheap appeal to emotion.

Government is still a problem

When it comes to big military adventures, spending and government involvement in your life, the new boss looks a lot like the old boss.

If the Obamacare “repeal” being pushed by President Donald Trump and the GOP establishment is any indicator of how conservative the president’s vision for America is, it’s safe to say that many of his voters are in for a disappointing few years.

The healthcare bill is little more than an amendment to the current healthcare scheme.

As Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), the chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, told Fox: “This bill is just Obamacare in a different form. … This is smoke and mirrors when we suggest that we’re gonna dupe the American people, we’re gonna do this bill behind closed doors and roll it out and expect the American people to believe it. Let me just tell you, they’re smarter than that and they understand that this is just Obamacare with a different label.”

‘Dangerous’ seduction: How personality worship ruins everything

British commentator Milo Yiannopoulos’s spirited assault on American political correctness made him a darling in many conservative circles. But as comments about inappropriate relationships between adults and minors plague his public persona, it’s worth examining what’s at stake when we allow personality to trump principle.

Born Milo Hanrahan in southern England where he would spend his childhood, the outspoken provocateur’s ascension to conservative stardom was as unlikely as it was absurd. Sure, Milo is a staunch free speech advocate – and so it would make sense that he could gain a following among U.S. conservatives by attacking the left’s insistence that uncomfortable speech  has no place in society. But he certainly isn’t the only figure attempting to halt the nation’s march toward oppressive political correctness.

Despite an army of conservative journalists and activists fighting the same fight, Milo somehow was able to garner so much attention on the right that he was invited to speak at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference.

The deep state is coming for Trump

The ouster of former national security advisor Michael Flynn is being described as a soft coup carried out by intelligence community bureaucrats working to undermine the Trump administration before the new president is able to get his international agenda underway. This is just one of many battles President Donald Trump faces with a deep state that has resolved to work against him.

Shortly after Trump’s November victory it became clear that the intelligence community he’d insulted throughout the campaign season was willing and ready to join forces with the anti-Trump political establishment to ensure that the new administration wouldn’t undermine the globalist foreign policy initiatives steering the U.S. toward continued military adventurism and a likely showdown with Russia.

And before Trump’s victory, it was overwhelmingly clear that Democrat Hillary Clinton was the deep state’s choice candidate in the 2016 contest. Understanding why begins with understanding what we’re talking about when we reference the deep state.

Trump’s right, America isn’t so innocent

The political and media establishments are going nuts over President Donald Trump’s suggestion that the U.S. isn’t “so innocent” when it comes to killing around the globe. He’s been called everything from un-presidential to Russian apologist. But for his remark, the only thing Trump should really be called is “honest.”

The president’s remark came during a pre-taped interview with Fox’s Bill O’Reilly which aired ahead of the Super Bowl on Sunday.

O’Reilly asked Trump: “Do you respect Putin?”

“I do respect him,” Trump said before being interrupted.

“Why?” O’Reilly asked.

“Well, I respect a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean I’ll get along with them,” Trump replied. “He is the leader of his country. I say it’s better to get along with Russia than not, and if Russia helps us in the fight against ISIS – which is a major fight – and the Islamic terrorism all over the world, that’s a good thing.”

Anti-establishment sentiment is exploding… and that’s a good thing

President Donald Trump’s inauguration was framed by small protests on the streets throughout the United States. Here’s why that’s a good thing.

While many of the protestors out Friday lacked a clear message or reason for being on the streets, anti-government sentiment from leftists who’ve blindly followed the Obama administration for the past 8 years.

Though property destruction and violence are never acceptable, a healthy distrust of government is a good thing for Americas on both sides of the political divide.

And with the Trump White House already signaling that it isn’t always going to be honest with the U.S. public, even Trump’s supporters should keep a close watch on his administration.

On Friday, the Trump administration introduced the nation to what it calls “alternative facts” in discussing coverage of the new president’s inauguration.

Deep State puppet John McCain and the plan to undermine Trump

Sen. John McCain said he “did what any citizen should” by providing the FBI with a sketchy dossier containing information alleging that Russia has dirt on President-elect Donald Trump.  But there’s far more to the story.

BuzzFeed and CNN published reports taking seriously the unverified intelligence reports months after serious journalists from a number of other news outlets declined to touch the story.

Soon after national uproar over the outrageous and unverified reports that the Russians are blackmailing Trump over information about perverse sexual encounters, McCain appeared before the press taking credit for putting the information into the FBI’s hands.

“Late last year, I received sensitive information that has since been made public. Upon examination of the contents, and unable to make a judgment about their accuracy, I delivered the information to the Director of the FBI. That has been the extent of my contact with the FBI or any other government agency regarding this issue.”