Black Hat Hacking Hotel Doors With Open-Source Arduino

By using open-source Arduino tools, security researchers are exposing security gaps in door-lock systems used by millions of hotels.

Hotel Door LockLAS VEGAS — For millions of travelers and road warriors, the ubiquitous hotel key card is the primary, and essentially the only, way to access their rooms at the end of day. However, security researcher Cody Brocious believes the current systems used to secure hotel doors throughout the United States and elsewhere are severely flawed.

Speaking at the Black Hat security conference here, Brocious demonstrated how locks from Onity—a company that sells security products to hotels and other businesses—can easily be bypassed. At the show, Brocious detailed the primary security flaws that allowed him to bypass Onity locks and gain access to rooms.

Brocious used an open-source tool known as Arduino, a portable programming platform. Arduino was used as a substitute for the commercial portable programmer that an Onity lock would typically require. Brocious explained that the Onity locks have a serial hardware connection that is easily accessible, as well.

How to Install an Ubuntu Linux Background Theme

ubuntu themeUbuntu is the most popular distribution of Linux with more than 12 million desktop users around the world. It is also the most popular free operating system for personal computers and is based on the Debian Linux distribution. The first release of the Ubuntu Operating System was on 20 October 2004 and since then new versions of Ubuntu have been released almost every six months. Ubuntu is sponsored by the UK based company Canonical Ltd. owned by South African billionaire Mark Shuttleworth. Ubuntu is distributed as a free and open source operating system and the latest Ubuntu release was Natty Narwhal which was released on 28th of April, 2010. The latest released focused on making the interface quite easy for users of the Windows Operating System too and it has gained mixed yet overwhelming reactions throughout the globe. One of the problems with Ubuntu Linux is that the backgrounds inbuilt into the Operating System are not that great and there are not many great backgrounds available either. So, in this tutorial we will provide details on how to install great background themes on your Ubuntu Linux operating system where the wallpapers change at regular intervals.