Syrians arriving at U.S. border crossing raise concern of a flood of asylum seekers

HOUSTON (TNS) — Eight Syrians showed up at a Texas border crossing seeking asylum this week, sparking concern that the U.S. could soon be facing a wave of Syrian migrants across the southern border.

“If Europe makes it more difficult for people to come there and the U.S. does not accept more refugees, we can expect people will try to get asylum and find other ways to come to the U.S.,” said Marc Rosenblum, deputy director of the U.S. Immigration Policy Program at the Migration Policy Institute in Washington.

It’s not clear how many Syrians have arrived at the southern border seeking asylum in recent months, as opposed to those brought to the U.S. legally as refugees. While numerous congressional, state and local lawmakers have rejected Syrian refugees, they have yet to address Syrian asylum seekers.

Sheriff fires deputy after altercation with student

COLUMBIA, S.C. (TNS) — Richland County Sheriff’s Department Senior Deputy Ben Fields was fired Wednesday, two days after an altercation between him and a female student at Spring Valley High School was caught on video and posted online.

Three videos shot by students show Fields throwing the student to the ground and dragging her across the classroom floor. The videos sparked national outrage and a civil rights investigation by the FBI and U.S. Justice Department. The videos circulated widely online and on television.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said the internal investigation involved whether Senior Deputy Fields followed protocol when asked to remove the student from the classroom at about 11 a.m. Monday.

He did not, Lott said.

Criminal charges, if there are any, would come from the FBI and the U.S. Justice Department, Lott said. On Monday, he asked them to investigate. Those agencies announced Tuesday they had opened a civil rights investigation into Fields’ actions.

Where the looters and the poachers stalk prey

“The ‘Greatest Generation’ is the greatest generation to exploit.” This quote by Chayo Reyes, a retired Los Angeles Police Department specialist in elder fraud, from a DVD titled “Saving Our Parents” appropriately depicts increasing, yet often unreported, activities targeting today’s elderly and their families.

The assets of older Americans are being looted via actions in which probate instruments such as powers of attorney, wills, trusts or guardianships are used to gain control of property. These actions evolve into an involuntary redistribution of assets (IRA) as ultimate financial resource distribution becomes contrary to the asset owner’s intentions.

Clinton State Department sent classified information to Clinton Foundation

A new report shows that Hillary Clinton’s chief of state at the State Department forwarded information that has since been deemed classified to the Democratic presidential candidate’s family foundation. The revelation is raising new questions about whether Clinton Foundation initiatives affected State Department priorities while Clinton served as the nation’s top diplomat.

The collusion between State and the Clinton foundation was revealed in an email chain exposed to Politico by the conservative organization Citizens United.

Via the political news outlet:

Cheryl Mills — Clinton’s former chief of state at State — forwarded State Department background information about Rwanda and the Congo to the Clintons’ philanthropic organization. Citizens United, a conservative activist group, obtained the messages via a Freedom of Information act lawsuit.

Former President Bill Clinton was visiting Africa, including Rwanda, around the time that Mills sent the email, which was mostly redacted. Former president Clinton was also considering giving Rwandan President Paul Kagame a plenary role at the Clinton Global Initiative, according to the emails.

It’s Constitution Day, a day as meaningless as the document it memorializes

On Sept. 17, 1787, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the Constitution it had created in Philadelphia. It would be 10 more months before the first nine states (the necessary number for adoption) approved it. The country began to operate under on March 4, 1789. It would only survive in force for about 73 years. Today, it survives in name only.

In 2004, Congress passed an amendment to a spending bill (what a surprise) that created Constitution Day that mandated (what a surprise) that all publicly funded educational institutions provide educational programming on the history of the American Constitution on that day.

That’s pretty ironic when you think about it, given that I can’t find anything in the Constitution that gives Congress that authority. And given what most Americans know about the Constitution today, I’m sure that irony is lost on them, and it’s obvious that the public (non)education system has been has adept at teaching constitutional history as it has in teaching most everything else that is good and right and true.

Did Hillary Clinton, middle-class champion, just get a $1,200 hairdo?

Hillary Clinton is a champion of the middle class. That’s because she knows how tough it is to earn a modest wage in an era when a simple haircut costs $600. Wait, what?

Clinton and her entourage recently took a break from trying to convince America she’s just an average gal and shut down a portion of the luxury Manhattan-based department store Bergdorf Goodman so the candidate could get a haircut.

An unnamed source told the New York Post: “Staff closed off one side of Bergdorf’s so Hillary could come in privately to get her hair done. An elevator bank was shut down so she could ride up alone, and then she was styled in a private area of the salon. Other customers didn’t get a glimpse. Hillary was later seen with a new feathered hairdo.”

The Post reported of Clinton’s visit to the posh John Barret Salon: