The Paleo Diet’s Secret Ingredient

The paleo diet is relatively simple diet. But it has a secret ingredient that lowers your risk of stroke, heart disease and cancer. It may even help you quit smoking.

The secret ingredient: fruits and vegetables.

Of course, those constitute more than one ingredient. And they’re hardly secret. But if you look at what most people eat you’d be forgiven for thinking that the incredible benefits of these foods are still largely a secret.


Consider the fact that even without acknowledging all the other benefits of eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, research shows that consuming these foods is linked to living longer. A study at the University College London shows that if you eat seven or more portions of fruit and vegetables every day, you lower your risk of death at any point in time by a whopping 42 percent.

Keep Toxins Out Of Your Body With The Paleo Diet

When it comes to keeping health-destroying toxins out of your body, much depends on the walls of your digestive tract. After every meal, they are tasked with letting nutrients into the bloodstream that the body needs to rejuvenate itself while making sure unwanted chemicals and pathogens are eliminated.

Unfortunately, many folks suffer from what is called “leaky gut syndrome.” That can take place when spaces between the cells of the intestinal wall become leaky, allowing foreign substances to breach the barriers meant to keep them out.

That, in turn, can lead to infections from pathogenic attack, allergic reactions to proteins that enter the blood or autoimmune problems when your immune cells attack the body instead of focusing on foreign invaders.

Wide Range Of Problems

Research into leaky gut has uncovered a surprising collection of illnesses connected with leaky gut. For example, scientists at the California Institute Technology (Caltech) have discovered that many cases of autism are connected with a malfunctioning digestive tract.

Does The Paleo Diet Cause Cancer?

The popularity of the paleo diet attracts attacks from many experts who debunk its benefits. And now some of those same naysayers are trying to claim that eating paleo makes you more vulnerable to cancer.

Much of the controversy surrounding paleo eating centers on how much meat you should or can consume when you’re on this diet. A passel of researchers now aver that folks who eat a lot of meat on the paleo diet are increasing their chances of cancer.

The problem is this assertion — that paleo dieters eat lots of meat and that meat leads to cancer — is a significant distortion.

Part of the confusion starts with the idea that the paleo diet encourages gorging on meat.

Paleo diet perception problem

This perception probably starts with the fact that the paleo philosophy basically sees nothing wrong with downing healthy helpings of meat. But it doesn’t advocate super-sizing portions.

Don’t let your vegetable oil fry your health

If you eat a paleo diet, you should be using the healthiest cooking oils. Fact is, the type of vegetable oil you use in your kitchen can make the difference between health and illness. Medical researchers believe that by merely switching cooking oils, you can lower your blood pressure, improve your heart health and protect your lungs.

Consider how your vegetable oil interacts with your blood pressure. A study led by scientists at King’s College in London shows that when you use olive oil on your salad, it produces natural substances that bring your pressure down.

The researchers believe that their findings show why the Mediterranean diet, rich in olive oil, helps keep hypertension away.

Vegetables like spinach, celery, lettuce and carrots are rich in natural nitrites and nitrates (nitrogen compounds). When you consume these vegetables along with olive oil which, like nuts and avocados, is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, nitro fatty acids are created in your digestive tract.

The Paleo Sugar That Keeps You Slender And Diabetes-Free

Years ago, when I used to cut calories to keep my weight down, I spent long periods of my life as a miserable, cranky, deprived dieter. But nowadays, as a paleo eater and snacker, I’ve discovered a sweet treat that I can nosh on until I’m satiated and satisfied. And I never gain a pound.

My sweet indulgence is called fruit — with occasional nuts and honey.

You may read that and roll your eyes. With one hand in the cookie jar/bag of chips/candy container, you may cynically dismiss the allure of fruit.

But that’s because you’re on the dark side of the grain divide. If you come over here, where grains like wheat and corn have been banished, your taste buds will enjoy a new freedom to actually taste the hidden taste dimensions of natural food. They won’t be mired in a taste fog of cookies, cakes, bread, overly salted chips and high fructose corn syrup.

The Paleo Drink That Does A Body Great

This article originally appeared on Easy Health Options®.

While the foods I eat on the paleo diet have provided me with enormous health benefits, it’s important not to forget that what you drink with your foods is also crucially important for your body’s well-being. I have discovered that one beverage that I imbibe every day has so many remarkable health effects, I have a hard time grasping them all.

During the past 30 years, research into the physiological power of tea means it can help prevent heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. Added to that, it has been shown to help you lose weight and keep your weight at a proper level.

As for your brain, tea may also support your attention span, mood and problem-solving abilities.

The Power Of Music For Health

This article originally appeared on Easy Health Options®.

There was one aspect of my childhood that was especially lucky. My parents insisted that I learn how to play a musical instrument at a young age. I think that eventually I would have played an instrument in any case. Music, in my gene pool, seems to be a genetic disease (but a good one).

Still, without my parents early prodding, I might not have started playing music as early I did. And I might not have been as disciplined in my musical endeavors if I hadn’t been trained in elementary school.

My mother had been a professional pianist and music teacher, and she just took it for granted that every kid should learn music. But I’m sure she never considered the health benefits of music.