Once Upon A Time

This article, written by David Hathaway, was originally published by LewRockwell.com on June 4.

This story is fiction. Once upon a time, there was an FBI agent, Bob, and an ATF agent, Sam, who didn’t know each other. They worked miles apart. But they both were good little Feds and they read their agencies’ marching orders and watched the controlled media to know whom they should be targeting.

The FBI agent, Bob, decided that he could get recognition by targeting militias and white supremacist groups. He didn’t know any, so he hired a guy off the street, Tommy, who in turn hired a paid unwitting flunky underling, to go with him to, um, Arkansas to the small town of Eloy City where people supposedly wanted to be left alone. It was slim pickings in that town until he met a guy, John, who also wanted to talk tough about blowing things up. This guy would be a great target. This guy talked as tough as Tommy did. Tommy could keep the Federal gravy train coming his way and FBI Bob could write lots of fancy reports to get promotions.

Welcome To The Neighborhood

This essay, written by Allan Davis, was originally printed on LewRockwell.com.

“Wow.  I had no idea the homeowner association fees would be so high.”

The attorney paused in his paper-shuffling.  “It helps if you don’t think of them as fees,” he said, with an air of practice that made it obvious he was repeating the phrase for the thousandth time..    “Ah, well, I’m sorry, I forgot you were from out of state.  Did the realtor even show you around the community?”

“No, I haven’t seen much of it at all, except for the drive in from the gate.”

“Well, then, let’s take a break from the signatures, and I will be happy to show you around myself.”  He stacked the papers neatly, stood, and gestured towards the door.

Outside, the morning sun was shining as he led his client down the street.  After a few short blocks, they came to a sparkling lake.

What’s Next For The Bundys?

This article originally ran on LewRockwell.com on April 21. 

The Federal response will definitely come. It will likely be in three areas, two of which don’t involve the Bundys specifically. First, a multifaceted attack will be made on the Bundys; second, a broad-front regulatory response against other land users will be made for the purpose of retaliation against the whole group and as a deterrent; and third, new provocateur deployments will probably be made across the West into similar situations.

The attack on the Bundys will be planned to be large enough so as to not fail, since precedents are being considered by the Feds. To give an historical example, the precedent of voluntary militias forming in the 1990s as a Constitutional concept in lieu of standing armies was effectively derailed for 20 years when the whole movement was painted as obscene by multiple Federal law enforcement agencies intensely targeting them, or anything that looked like them, while prosecuting a PR campaign in conjunction with the sycophant mass media in the wake of the provocateured Oklahoma City fiasco.