Acquitted In 17 Minutes

Gold Hill, Ore. — Harassed, assaulted, hospitalized and arrested are just a few words used to describe what Daniel Young has endured — all while trying to protect his family on their own property. On Feb. 21, almost seven years after disputes with neighbors arose over the use of an easement, Young was accused of “menacing and recklessly endangering” his neighbor, Kevin Mayfield. Proclaiming his innocence, Young and his family spent the next 10 months under severe stress, wondering: “Will Dan be locked up?”

Describing why his neighbor would make false allegations against him, Young stated that he has asked neighbors to refrain from using recreational vehicles (ATVs, dirt bikes, etc.) on the easement, which is also part of Young’s property. According to Young, some neighbors create hazards for his family and others when they turn blind corners at unsafe speeds, tearing up the driveway and creating “large amounts of dust.”

West Palm Beach Corruption And Cover-Up

US~Observer Editor’s Note: Due to the constant and significant amount of US~Observer subscribers and others inquiring about the ongoing Jamie Clark post-conviction case in West Palm Beach, Fla., we are providing this update. The information below brings the public up to date on this travesty of justice. We will be publishing further once Judge John Kastrenakes makes his ruling. 

West Palm Beach, Fla. — On Oct. 13, 2006, Jamie Clark was involved in an automobile accident that tragically ended the life of Lucy Miller. Miller, 85, made a U-turn that experts and witnesses say caused the accident. Rabbi Marci Bloch was the only eyewitness other than Clark and the deceased Miller. In regard to Miller pulling directly in front of Clark, Bloch stated: “I had a moment of wanting to say, ‘Don’t go! What are? What are you doing? It was almost like there wasn’t enough judgment in the turn, because it was… I… I would never have made that turn.”

Duke Lacrosse Accuser Found Guilty Of Murder

DURHAM, N.C.Crystal Mangum, who made national headlines in 2006 for falsely accusing three Duke University lacrosse players of rape, was found guilty Nov. 22 of second-degree murder.

Mangum stabbed her boyfriend, Reginald Daye, with a kitchen knife in 2011 during an argument. Daye, 46, died 10 days later from complications due to the wound. Magnum claimed self-defense for stabbing Daye. She stated that he dragged her by her hair and threatened to pour hot water on her face and make it so no man would want her.

Mangum stated the argument was about her flirting with other men.

Before dying, Daye admitted to dragging Mangum by her hair, but insisted he was attempting to get away when she stabbed him.

Mangum was sentenced to 14 years and two months in prison, with a maximum of 18 years.

Faced With More Police Abuse, Twin Brothers Vindicated Again

Medford, Ore. — Twin brothers Don and Jason Libby, owners of Jackson County Security, have both been cleared of separate false criminal charges stemming from different encounters with the Medford Police Department (MPD). MPD manufactured claims that the two bothers committed serious crimes, and they were eventually arrested and charged.

Jason Libby’s case was dismissed on June 27, just before trial. Don Libby was found innocent of all charges on Sept. 3 (also the date of his wedding anniversary) following a three-day trial.

MPD’s “threats and harassment” against the Libby brothers dates back “over 13 years” according to Don Libby. He said: “We have been wrongfully arrested five times and never convicted.”

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