So now the MSM is preaching preparedness?

The ratcheting up of war talk with North Korea and the possibility of a nuclear attack by North Korea has prompted the mainstream media to discuss a subject that is largely taboo with them: preparedness. Specifically, NBC News has a new article titled, “What Should You Do in Case of Nuclear Attack? ‘Don’t Run. Get Inside.’”

We have been warning our readers about the need to be prepared – for nuclear or biological attacks, attacks on the electrical grid or for natural disasters — and have a plan and stockpile for any conceivable contingency for more than 40 years. And we’ve often been called a crank and a crackpot because of it. Of course preparedness means far more than knowing what to do and what not to do in case of a nuclear attack, which is all NBC tells you.

Kansas gun case may preserve 2nd Amendment for a generation or more

After Kansas passed its Second Amendment Protection Act in 2013, entrepreneur Shane Cox began manufacturing and selling homemade firearms and silencers stamped “Made in Kansas.”

The Kansas Second Amendment Protection Act, which passed in 2013, says firearms, accessories and ammunition manufactured and kept within the borders of Kansas are exempt from federal gun control laws. By selling them to Kansans, Cox figured he could get around the National Firearms Act of 1934. He also collected state sales taxes on each sale.

But the federal authoritarians were not amused. And they considered the state law as irrelevant – then-Attorney General Eric Holder told the state as much after the bill passed. So they charged Cox with manufacture, possession and sale of unregistered firearms and silencers. They also charged one of Cox’s customers, Jeremy Kettler, for possession of an unregistered silencer.

Age of reason

When a child is born it instinctively knows to cry when it is uncomfortable. It cries when it is hungry. It cries when it is tired. It cries when it hurts.

Crying is its only means of communication. Its brain lacks the capability to communicate by forming words or sentences to express.

As the child ages, crying remains a chosen form of communication for several years. Even when the ability to form words and sentences develops, crying remains a key component of the child’s communication strategy. Sometimes crying is accompanied by physically lashing out for emphasis.

But as the old forms of communication become obsolete because they no longer generate the desired effect, the child adopts new forms. The maturing child also learns how to cope with situations that make him uncomfortable or when he finds himself hungry, tired or hurting. This comes about as more situations are encountered and more experience is gained.

Orthodox medicine embracing the food-is-medicine concept

One of my main criticisms of orthodox medicine over the years has been the lack of real nutritional training and understanding for and by doctors.

My years of research led me to understand that almost all of America’s health problems are directly related to diet. In other words, when Americans get sick, what they need is a wholesale change in diet, not synthetic chemicals to mask the symptoms of disease.

Americans are suffering from what I call full-belly starvation; their bellies are full but their bodies are starving for nutrition.

When the American public thinks of starvation, they think of children with extended bellies and reed-thin limbs. Mass starvation in America is an incomprehensible concept to the public.

Fox News begins its lurch leftward

The ousting of Bill O’Reilly at Fox News is about more than sexual harassment claims against the supercilious host of the O’Reilly Factor. It’s a signal the network is embarking on a leftward lurch.

Rupert Murdoch’s son James has emerged as the chief decision-maker in the Fox orbit as he led the effort to oust Roger Ailes last July – over the objections of his father, and brother Lachlan’s ambivalence – and now the ousting of the show’s most popular host.

Despite Fox News’ status as the cash cow for 21st Century Fox, the leftist James Murdoch is said to have held the channel in some contempt and wanted to push it toward a model much like the Murdoch-owned Sky TV in Britain. According to Hollywood Reporter, James regarded many of the people at Fox News as thuggish Neanderthals and said he was embarrassed to be in the same company with them.

The marketing of Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton made the cover of Variety magazine this week, one of six special covers put out by the entertainment rag highlighting its “Power of Women” tribute. The magazine cover coincides with an announcement that Variety was giving Clinton its Variety and Lifetime Network “Lifetime Impact” award for humanitarian work.

But what has the daughter of Webb  Hubbell Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton accomplished… besides being the daughter of Webb Hubbell Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, and marrying a hedge fund manager who managed to lose 90 percent of its investors’ money before closing it down?

Absolutely nothing!

But that doesn’t matter. The Clinton cult is alive and well among the mainstream media and the Hollywood crowd. So at age 37, without a single accomplishment under her belt, she’s getting a “Lifetime Impact” award and mounds of free publicity as she prepares to be elevated to a role in government where her talents at doing nothing will be most useful.

The income tax and mass confusion

The most desperate and vicious wild animal can be contained and controlled by confusing it. To confuse is to dominate the mind of man.

The income tax system (IRS) is a system of control through confusion. It is nothing less than sophisticated witchcraft.

The so-called Internal Revenue Service is the most deceptive system of the twisting of human mentality to create an intimidated and docile people ever devised. No savage and invading army could come close to conquering millions of people and hold them in “voluntary” subjection as has the misnamed income tax scheme.

A testament to the perfection of the deception is clearly evident in that the identical system is used universally the world over. It was the basis and foundation of the Nazi system. Few people know this.

The most subtle and vicious dimension of the income tax is that it promotes and literally creates racism, classism and ethnic cleansing.