The medical establishment’s culture of death

God said that all who do not love Him must, necessarily, love death (Proverbs 8:36).

The love of death is prevalent in our society for a number of reasons, most of which are not widely understood. When informed of the esoteric (hidden) and occultic nature of these influences, people tend to reject the information. Most folks deny the fact of mass social conditioning toward the love of death because they are actually among the many who are deceived and programmed. Perhaps the biggest outfit serving up death to Americans is the professional medical establishment, a truth that is precisely the opposite of what we are schooled and told.

Our forebearers knew the truth of the matter. They lived in a time when it was easier, more traditional, more fashionable and more practical to choose God over the ideologies of men.

Detoxifying the body’s city dump

Nobody can live without their liver, but we all try it.

The human liver was created to be a human garbage disposal. But in many people their liver is a city dump. The result is that over-waste means overwork.

Liver sludge translates into low energy, an overweight body, stiff joints, digestion problems, and accumulation of toxins from junk foods and drugs. And since seniors have less ability to assimilate, the toxic buildup of pharmaceutical drugs becomes deadly and fatal. Slower and deteriorated liver and kidney functions compound the buildup of toxemia. Enough toxemia concludes life on this earth.

“Detox” is a word you see and hear all the time these days but what does it mean? It means we all need to do something for our health that we never think about, and that is help our livers take out the trash. We can give our liver new life at any age and most of our health problems will improve or go away. We don’t have to know that our livers are toxic. We can assume it.

Obama’s Watergate

When Donald Trump tweeted that President Barack Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower and Trump’s telephone lines, it was clear what he meant.

No one who saw or heard about Trump’s tweets thought he meant Obama had donned a ninja suit, snuck up outside Trump Tower in the dead of night, attached a bug to the phone and sat there for days listening in with headphones.

The propaganda media, leftist dissemblers and Deep State puppets jumped quickly to make it appear that’s precisely what Trump meant in order to make Trump appear deranged and out of touch for making such a claim. Even House Speaker Paul Ryan (corporatist NeverTrumper – Wisconsin) said, “No such wiretap existed.” Both Democrats and Republicans insisted Trump apologize to Obama for making the charge.

Sen. Feinstein finds the Founders’ views on the Constitution ‘troubling’

During Monday’s Senate Judiciary hearing on the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, Senator Diane Feinstein displayed either abject ignorance of the Constitution, or she outright fibbed.

During her committee performance monologue, Feinstein stated:

Judge Gorsuch has also stated that he believes judges should look to the original public meaning of the Constitution when they decide what a provision of the Constitution means. This is personal, but I find this originalist judicial philosophy to be really troubling. In essence, it means that judges and courts should evaluate our constitutional rights and privileges as they were understood in 1789. However, to do so would so would not only ignore the intent of the Framers, that the Constitution would be a framework on which to build, but it severely limits the genius of what our Constitution upholds.

If Feinstein finds “originalist judicial philosophy troubling,” then she is troubled by the views of Jefferson, Madison and other Founders.

Organizations and organisms

Last week we wrote in “America’s two governments” that there is a government you can see (the politicians and judges) and the government you can’t see, which we called the Deep State.

That there exists a nebulous group or groups actively working in concert against the wishes of the American people created questions among some readers who wondered how such a thing could function without some leader or central authority coordinating its efforts.

The problem in grasping the concept of the existence of the unseen forces operating to sow chaos and discord and pulling the strings of visible government stems from the way we are conditioned and controlled from birth. We are taught from early on that the U.S. has a “democratic” political system and that we elect representatives and a president through our vote. It is hammered into us that the political system offers us a choice and “our vote matters.” We are taught that those whom we elect run government for us.

The calcium cure

One of the great illusions of our time is that we live in a civilized world. This implies that we have risen above witchcraft and voodoo. We live in a time when giant, multi-billion dollar industries get their profits based on the perpetuation of pure myths. These myths are jealously protected as if they were patents. They allow no infringements.

The health revolution has been stolen. The pharmaceuticals have a master plan. They have seized upon a paradigm shift to health awareness and completely reversed it in favor of the drug cartels. Most people now believe that drugs are the real cures and essential nutrients, upon which health is built, are worthless.

They manufacture worthless placebos by the ton and distribute them at unbelievable profits. And when they sell you nutrients, they do so in such a wrongheaded manner that the body fails and disease ensues, as they well know, guaranteeing a return of the masses to prescribed drugs.

Warning signs

While the people sleep, an economic earthquake is rumbling underneath. The day that they begin to feel the quake draws near. There are many flashing warning signs that the economy is about blow.

Through the coming months and year three crashes potentials crises are looming. Any one of them or any combination of two or more could send the economy into a tailspin to rival or exceed the 2008 crisis — one, the U.S. stock market; and two, student loan bubble; and three, a looming pensions crisis.

The stock market is poised to begin a sickening slide. The great Fed-inspired rally is over in spite of all manipulation.

Noted Wall Street market analyst John Hussman claims, as reported by, the U.S. stock market is “the most dangerous and overvalued stock market on record – worse than 2007, worse than 2000, even worse than 1929.”

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