Outright propaganda is Obama’s real gun control legacy

An anti-firearm propaganda film released earlier this month is being criticized after revelations that its creators deceptively edited an interview with 2nd Amendment supporters to make the activists look uninformed.

Under the Gun, a documentary which claims to examine “the events and people who have kept the gun debate fierce and the progress slow,” was produced and narrated by mainstream media lifer Katie Couric.

About 20 minutes into the lengthy propaganda piece Couric is seen interviewing members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, “a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization dedicated to advancing the fundamental human right of all Virginians to keep and bear arms.”

Couric is met with silence and blank stares in the film after asking the activists: “If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?”

See for yourself:

Obama’s nihilistic edict on public school bathrooms is an obscene attack on American values

“I was meant to be a boy but I came out as a girl, so I was born as the wrong person.” — 12-year-old Shanice Oliver to his U.K. classmates.

Two weeks ago President Barack Obama imposed an edict that is more indecent than anything Bill Clinton ever did. Obama had his Department of Justice notify the state of North Carolina that HB2, otherwise known as the bathroom law, violated the Civil Rights Act. To be clear, HB2 requires people to use public bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond to the sex listed on their birth certificate.

The president is insisting that transgender students are free to use the bathroom and locker-room that corresponds to the sex they identify with. Obama thinks children as young as five have a right to make a determination of what sex they are regardless of their anatomy. Thus, we now have little boys and girls who believe their happiness can only be met when they become members of the opposite sex.

How the soft drink cartel shapes the message

The soft drink cartel spends millions of dollars a year paying athletes to promote their sugar and sugar substitute-laced sports beverages and vitamin waters. This creates the impression that good health, active lifestyles and consumption of those beverages go hand-in-hand.

A study published in the November 2013 journal Pediatrics found that parents perceived athlete-endorsed products as healthier than non-endorsed products. But the cartel isn’t just buying athletes. It’s also buying medical organizations, dietitians, university academics, medical professionals, fitness experts, authors and chefs.

An initiative by Coca-Cola called the Global Energy Balance Network spent $120 million on grants to medical, health and community organizations in the U.S. over the last five years. Much of it went to pay for “research” and to support health and well-being partnerships. The message that came from the bought research and from the lips and pens of unhealthful “health professionals” was that soft drinks are synonymous with active lifestyles and that lack of exercise — not empty calories and sugars — is a main contributor to obesity.

Why Are Americans Getting Married An Average Of 7 Years Later Than They Did In The 1950s?

Wedding - Public DomainAmericans are getting married later and later in life these days.  So precisely why is this happening?  As you will see below, the average age when men and women first get married in the United States is getting perilously close to 30, but in the middle of the last century is was close to 20.  There has been a dramatic cultural shift, and this has resulted in a whole host of unintended consequences.  Because even though people are getting married later, they are still engaging in behaviors that in previous generations were considered reserved for those that had made a permanent commitment.  The family has always been one of the foundational institutions in society, but now it is breaking down at a very alarming pace.  Our young people have been trained to think that getting married, having children and raising a family are not important priorities, and this is showing up in a myriad of various ways.

Why Do So Many Preachers In America Refuse To Talk About Hell?

Hell Bridge - Public DomainWhen was the last time you heard a sermon about hell?  Just think about that for a moment.  Once upon a time in America, preachers all across the land regularly unleashed fiery sermons that directly confronted people with the reality of heaven and hell.  But today, that has completely changed.  In fact, there are some very well-known ministers in this country that purposely avoid ever using the word “hell” because it might offend someone.  It turns out that “happy church” can be a very lucrative business model, and many people seem to love the “me first” prosperity gospel that has infected virtually all of the major denominations at this point.  So there are countless messages about “blessing”, “breakthrough” and how God can make your life better, and very, very little preaching about sin, judgment, the cross and the urgency that we should feel to reach lost souls with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A Shocking NBC News Report Says That Someday We Will Be Microchipping All Of Our Children

Futuristic Children - Public DomainWould you allow microchips to be surgically implanted in your children if that would keep them safer?  This is already being done to pets on a widespread basis, and a shocking local NBC News report is promoting the idea that if it is good for our pets, then we should be doing it to our children as well.  As you will see below, the report even puts a guilt trip on parents by asking them this question: “How far would you go to keep your children secure?”  Of course most parents very much want to keep their children safe, and a microchip would enable authorities to track them down if they were lost or stolen.  But is this really a good idea?  And where is all of this technology eventually leading?  If you have not seen this very disturbing local NBC News report yet, you can view it right here

Watch: Anti-Trump punk overheats when asked to explain liberal logic

Claiming the GOP frontrunner is “literally, basically Hitler” as his reason for vandalizing Donald Trump  campaign signs, the young activist in this video has a hard time answering a few very basic questions.

“I hate Donald Trump. He’s literally, basically Hitler,” the young man said when asked to explain his anger. “He’s doing the same thing that Hitler did, well, in a different way.”

But when pressed to explain how speaking out against illegal immigration is in any way similar to the atrocities carried out by Adolf Hitler, things became a bit trickier for the young man.

The young man eventually admits that he also thinks illegal immigration is a problem which hurts legal immigrants and burdens all U.S. taxpayers.

“Yeah they come in illegally, I’m against that too,” he said. “But if they want to come here legally… then, why not?”