Democratic Party officials fear Clinton

The Democratic National Convention opened with a bit of chaos this week as DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign and Bernie Sanders supporters very vocally expressed disgust with their candidate’s treatment. But beneath the chaotic veneer, Democratic Party loyalists are united by a fear of Hillary Clinton.

Back in 2014, Politico described how Clinton likes to keep a running political hit-list during her campaigns to make sure “friends could be rewarded and enemies punished” at the end.

As her failed 2008 bid came to an end, Politico reported, there was a lot of information for campaign flunkies to add to Hillary’s hit list:

The law of the jungle is far superior to the ideology of globalism

In 1991 George Bush Sr., in at least two separate speeches, announced an active geopolitical endgame for global stability; something he called the “New World Order.” This was not the first time the concept of the NWO had been uttered by a prominent figure. Fabian socialist H.G. Welles wrote an entire book on the ideology decades before, in 1940, entitled The New World Order, and wrote a thinly veiled propaganda film on the rise of globalism titled Things To Come. The core of this ideology is the institution of global governance and the erasure of sovereign nation states, ostensibly in order to end the persistent threat of world war.

It all sounds very noble on the surface, but there is much more to total globalization that the elites do not discuss very openly or very often.

Michael Moore Explains Why Donald Trump Will Win In November – And It Actually Makes Perfect Sense

Michael Moore - Photo by Nicolas GeninMichael Moore is a radical leftist that is trying to destroy everything that America once stood for, but for once he is making sense.  In his recent article entitled “5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win“, he makes a compelling case for why Donald Trump could win the election in November.  I can’t remember the last time I actually agreed with Michael Moore about something, but in this instance I do.  The American people are very angry and very frustrated, and they want someone that is going to shake things up in Washington.  Needless to say, that is not going to be Hillary Clinton.  According to Real Clear Politics, Trump has won five of the last six major national polls, and top Democrats are starting to understand that they could actually lose to the New York billionaire.

An ‘Unprecedented’ Wildfire Hits California At The Same Time ‘Unprecedented’ Heat Strikes The East Coast

Wildfire In A Forest - Public DomainIt is starting to look more than just a little bit “apocalyptic” out there.  If you follow my work closely, you already know that weather patterns in the United States have been going absolutely crazy and that last year was the worst year for wildfires in all of U.S. history.  Well, this week things have gotten even worse.  A “heat dome” has brought triple digit temperatures to much of the country, and an “unprecedented” wildfire is ripping through the hills north of Los Angeles “like a freight train“.  The so-called Sand Fire started on Friday, and since that time it has been burning 10,000 acres a day.  An acre is approximately the size of a football field, so that means this fire has been burning the equivalent of 10,000 football fields every single day, and it is only “10 percent contained” at this point.

Democrats to GOP hawks: Admit Trump is ‘unfit’

Democratic lawmakers are attempting to force their Republican colleagues to “just admit that Donald Trump is not fit to be commander in chief” because of recent remarks he made about NATO.

Pointing to a recent New York Times interview in which Trump said it may be time for the U.S. to dial back some of its NATO involvement, Democrats are looking to get hawkish Republicans to disavow the GOP nominee’s seeming reluctance to have the U.S. play world police.

Trump told The Times that his test for whether the U.S. would involve itself in the foreign affairs of NATO allies would hinge on whether “they fulfill their obligations to us.”

“This is not 40 years ago,” he said. “We are spending a fortune on military in order to lose $800 billion. That doesn’t sound very smart to me.

The true source of medical cures

Medical totalitarianism is psychological warfare that induces the people to act in the interest of mainstream medicine in all matters. Nowhere is this despotism more exact and deadly to life than in so-called medical “science.”

Great suffering and chronic and fatal illnesses are built upon conditioned and programmed patients who trust the medical practitioners implicitly no matter the facts to the contrary.

As life slips away, the patient never waivers his faith in the well-meaning but belligerent efforts of the doctors who fight the imaginary foe without ceasing as the fees pile up. The people are so saturated with the idea that disease must be fought to a finish that they are not satisfied with conservative and alternative treatment, one of which I will show you in a moment.

Millions pay for it with their lives every year.

America: Clinton’s biggest accomplishment was her bungled consolation prize

During her tenure as the nation’s top diplomat, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton failed to protect American lives abroad, destabilized the entire Middle East, caused massive damage to U.S.-Russia relations and jeopardized classified information for personal gain. Yet sadly, many Americans say heading the State Department is the only job at which Clinton has ever excelled.

That’s according to analysis out from Rasmussen which shows that, despite her lifelong place in the political spotlight, Americans have a tough job naming any Clinton achievements for the people she claims she’s served.

Via Rasmussen: “In distant second is her role as first lady which 16% rate most important. Twelve percent (12%) see her term as a U.S. senator as most important, while nearly as many (11%) say that of her career as a lawyer. A sizable 23% are undecided.”