Harry Reid earns yet another ethics complaint

Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) continues to rack up formal ethics complaints alleging that he abuses his public servant’s status in order to achieve political aims.

The latest comes from the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), a conservative government watchdog group that filed a Feb. 24 complaint against the Senate minority leader for conflating his 2016 re-election campaign with his responsibilities (and his prominent position) as a U.S. Senator.

Reid violated Senate ethics rules, the complaint alleges, when he convened a gaggle of partisan staffers at the Senate’s Mansfield Room on Feb. 15 and used the venue to declare his intent to seek another Senate term.

From the complaint (H/T: The Washington Free Beacon):

Holder: It’s not about race, but it is

On his way out, Attorney General Eric Holder contends that race should play a bigger role in the U.S. justice system.

In an interview with POLITICO, the nation’s outgoing AG reflected on the racially charged investigations that have become routine in his final years as the Department of Justice’s top official.

The DOJ announced Tuesday that it had “insufficient evidence to pursue federal criminal civil rights charges” against George Zimmerman for the shooting death of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida in 2012. And it’s looking increasingly likely that an investigation into the officer-involved shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, last summer will end similarly.

That’s why, according to Holder, it needs to be easier for a federal investigation to take place more quickly in future similar incidents.

Uncovered emails indicate State Department always knew Benghazi was a planned attack, no mention of YouTube video

State Department emails obtained by a government watchdog last week reveal that no one within the department, including former Secretary Hillary Clinton, ever attributed the Benghazi, Libya, terror attack as anything other than just that — a terror attack.

The emails, obtained by Judicial Watch through a freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, show a lot of back-and-forth between security staff and Clinton aides as the attack unfolded in real time, as well as in its immediate aftermath.

Never does anyone mention anything about a YouTube video in those exchanges. But, only hours after the attack began, they do mention al-Sharia, Al-Qaida’s Libyan affiliate, as the group claiming responsibility.

Judicial Watch obtained the FOIA-requested emails earlier this month, followed by a Feb. 26 report on its website that explains how the new information bolsters its ongoing lawsuit against the State Department. According to Judicial Watch, the emails demonstrate that “top aides for then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, including her then-chief of staff Cheryl Mills, knew from the outset that the Benghazi mission compound was under attack by armed assailants tied to a terrorist group.”

ATF’s ammo ban a slippery slope to useless guns

American 2nd Amendment supporters are doubling down on criticism of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives plan to reclassify certain types of 5.56mm/.223 caliber ammunition as armor-piercing. If the plan moves forward, critics say it could amount to the de facto completion of the Obama administration’s plan to enact an extrajudicial ban on AR style rifles.

The ATF has released its proposal (available here) and opened a public comment period on the matter lasting until March 16.

The agency’s ban would affect specifically SS109/M855 ammunition — one of the most common ammo options for 5.56 NATO chambered AR-15 rifles.

For years, the ammo has been exempt from ATF ammo bans because of its popularity among target shooters and outdoorsmen. But the agency is now claiming that the “green-tipped” ammo poses a threat to law enforcement officers because it can be used in certain types of semi-automatic handguns.

What ‘net neutrality’ reveals about U.S. government

The days of the U.S. as a constitutional, representative government have long passed. Unelected and unaccountable porn-obsessed bureaucrats and paper pushers, mostly nameless and faceless to Americans, run America for the benefit of the multinational corporations and the banksters.

On Wednesday, the head of the Federal Communications Commission, an Orwellian bureaucracy that long ago outlived any usefulness it may have once held, refused to testify before Congress to describe the still-secret particulars of the agency’s plan to regulate the Internet. What’s this: The head of an agency established by Congress refused to testify before Congress? An agency tasked with looking out for the interests of the people refuses to divulge plans that if passed will affect the way every American receives information? This is what passes for representative government.

Sign Of Judgment? Total Solar Eclipse On March 20th Falls In The Middle Of The Four Blood Red Moons

Blood Red MoonsThe total solar eclipse on March 20th falls on Nisan 1, which is the first day of the first month of the Biblical calendar.  According to Jewish tradition, a solar eclipse on Nisan 1 is a sign of judgment.  And this has certainly been true in the past.  For example, there was a solar eclipse on Nisan 1 in 70 AD.  Later that year, the Romans attacked Jerusalem and completely destroyed the Temple.  What makes all of this even more interesting is the fact that the solar eclipse on March 20th falls right in the middle of the blood moon tetrad, and it also happens to fall during the Shemitah year.  If you are not a believer, you may be tempted to dismiss all of this as some sort of extremely bizarre coincidence.  If you are a believer, you also might be skeptical.  But by the end of this article, at least you will understand what so many people are talking about right now.

The War On Preppers: Obama Bans Ammo For The Most Popular Rifle In America

Barack Obama Giving Orders - Public DomainBecause he can’t get Congress to approve the things that he wants to do, Barack Obama has apparently decided to rule by decree for the rest of his time in the White House.  One of Obama’s latest moves is to try to ban some of the most popular ammunition for the most popular rifle in America.  Previously, the Obama administration attempted unsuccessfully to ban the AR-15.  That didn’t work, so now Obama is going after the ammunition.  This is yet another example of the war on preppers that is going on all over the nation.  Whether you are a gun owner or not, this assault on our constitutional rights should disturb you greatly.  Barack Obama has promised to try to squeeze as much “change” as possible out of his last two years, and in the process he is “fundamentally transforming” America.  But what will our country look like when he is done?

A perfect fit

If you’re a U.S. Secretary of State who happens to help run a massive philanthropy on the side — a philanthropy whose success owes much to its association with a former U.S. president, who also happens to be your husband — what kind of influence does a large donation to your philanthropy really buy? Simple good vibes borne of untarnished altruism, or something more?

To compound the question, what if some of your biggest philanthropic donors are foreign governments? Not foreign individuals or corporations, mind you — those kinds of donations rightly might be questioned on their own merits — but foreign governments themselves? Could that possibly pose a conflict of (national) interest for the Secretary of State?

Credit The Washington Post this time around for begging the question. The Post revealed this week that the Clinton Foundation had received “millions of dollars from seven foreign governments during Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state,” even though only one of those donations, amazingly, amounted to a violation of ethics under the Obama administration’s predetermined standards.

CNN report on right-wing terror threat turns out to be greatly exaggerated

Last week, CNN revealed the existence of a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report that placed right-wing sovereign citizen groups on equal footing with ISIS and Islamist terrorists as the most worrisome and significant source of terrorism on U.S. soil.

“[F]ederal and local law enforcement groups view the domestic terror threat from sovereign citizen groups as equal to — and in some cases greater than — the threat from foreign Islamic terror groups, such as ISIS,” CNN’s report asserted.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was very happy at this news, welcoming a government-backed report that shifts the focus away from Islamists and, instead, toward “the threat posed by domestic right-wing violent extremists.”

Then on Wednesday, the folks at Reason got their hands on the DHS report itself. They had a hard time coming to the same conclusions about the right-wing “threat” that CNN had reached.

Carson headlines CPAC 2015 with tough talk

Ben Carson kicked off this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) with language that makes Mitt Romney’s infamous “47 percent” remark seem like a milquetoast recitation from a politically correct phone book.

Carson, who’s all but admitted he plans to enter the field of candidates who intend to seek the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, attacked the Obama-era American zeitgeist that favors dependency and government paternalism.

“It’s not compassion to pat [people] on the head and say, ‘There, there, I’m going to take care of all your needs, your healthcare, your food.’ That’s the opposite of compassion,” said Carson.

“I’m not interested in getting rid of a safety net; I’m interested in getting rid of dependency.”

Those words got a big response from the conservative crowd. It was only one of several applause eruptions Carson received as he touched on national defense, the myth that conservatives lack compassion, deficit spending and Obamacare — which he blasted as “absolutely about [wealth] redistribution and control.”

His justice cannot sleep forever

There is a great deception that rights come from government. The masses are falling for this deception and are, therefore, surrendering their liberties for something grander — seemingly better. But how can there be anything better than total liberty?

That “something better” they seek masquerades as freedom, but when unmasked is simply collectivism — also known as international socialism, global democracy and the New World Order. In recent times, it has also been known as Marxism, Fabianism, the New Deal, Nazism and communism. In ancient times, when the religious basis of political manipulation was more fully acknowledged, it was known as Orientalism, Babylonianism and Baalism.

I stand with Rudy Giuliani

Hello. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty, and I stand with Rudy Giuliani. Great job, Rudy! I just hope you have the guts to withstand the withering media attacks and stand your ground. Do not retreat. What you said was perfect. Giuliani just said what tens of millions of Americans already were thinking.

As if questioning out loud whether Barack Obama really loves America is such a controversial thing to do. How ridiculous.

Let me count the ways that would indicate to anyone who isn’t blind or a complete blithering idiot that Obama doesn’t appear to love America, is “different” in his thinking than any other president and certainly gives the strong impression his true feelings are anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-Israel.

More lies about immigration

So now the Justice Department is claiming that our national security will be “irreparably harmed” if a federal judge does not lift his injunction blocking Barack Obama’s illegal amnesty program. What a crock! The administration’s arguments here are as false as the ones being spouted in Congress over funding the Department of Homeland Security.

I’ll get into that second one in a moment. But for now, let’s concentrate on the hysterical reaction to the injunction U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen issued last week, blocking implementation of Obama’s executive amnesty order. Hanen was responding to a lawsuit filed by 26 states contending that Obama’s executive order allowing an estimated 4 million illegal aliens to remain in this country and receive work permits was unconstitutional. It’s hard to disagree with the judge’s decision, since the president himself admitted on at least 22 previous occasions that he lacked the authority to change the law unilaterally.

The Odds Of A War Between Israel And Iran Just Went Way Up

Israeli Fighter Jets - Public DomainUh oh – Iran just got caught with both hands in the cookie jar.  It turns out that even while Iran has been negotiating a “historic peace deal” with the western world, it has been secretly operating a huge underground nuclear enrichment site that it didn’t tell anyone about.  But this is what the Iranians always do.  They lie, lie and then lie some more.  So how in the world can you make a deal with a government that absolutely refuses to tell the truth?  These revelations about a secret underground nuclear facility just outside Tehran come at a time when it looked like the Obama administration was about to cave in and give Iran just about everything that it wanted.  The “deal” that Obama was going to give them would have allowed the Iranians to keep all of the nuclear infrastructure that they have already constructed and would also give them permission to start building nuclear weapons in about a decade.  It would be a monstrously bad deal for the western world, and the Iranians should have jumped at it.  But now these new revelations could throw a wrench into those negotiations.  But much more importantly, knowledge of this secret nuclear facility has got to be extremely alarming to the Israelis.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has always said that Israel will never, ever allow Iran to construct a nuclear weapon.  So what will happen if the Israelis determine that Iran is actually much closer to building a nuclear bomb that anyone originally suspected?  The truth is that the odds of a war between Israel and Iran just went way up thanks to these revelations, and that is not good news for any of us.

Virginia one step away from law denying out-of-state cops access to residents’ concealed carry data

The so-called “reciprocity” bill introduced in the Senate has gotten plenty of early attention as one possible answer to the concealed carry horror stories that have affected firearms owners who travel unwittingly into criminal territory when they travel into states with hostile gun laws.

Meanwhile, at least one state is attempting to address the issue form the other end — by taking up legislation that would prohibit law enforcement in other states from accessing its home residents’ firearms permit database.

Virginia SB 948 would deny other states’ police access to the Virginia Criminal Information Network database of concealed carry handgun owners, unless the host state is among the 30 that already honor Virginia CC permit holders within their borders.

Practically speaking, restrictive governments like those in Washington, D.C. and Maryland — where many Virginians are employed and spend much of their commuting time — would be cut off from the “gotcha” evidence that could make a criminal of a legal CC permit-holding Virginian during an otherwise-routine traffic stop.

Obama’s lapdog media is a pack of cowards

“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” — Voltaire

Last week, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said the following:

I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America. He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country.

As if to prove Giuliani correct, President Obama went on another one of his “let us all embrace Islam” rants during his three-day Summit on Countering Violent Extremism. Meanwhile, Congress is debating whether to send more American combat troops back to the Middle East to engage the Islamic State (ISIS).

Janet Yellen Is Freaking Out About ‘Audit The Fed’ – Here Are 100 Reasons Why She Should Be

Great Seal - Photo by IpankoninJanet Yellen is very alarmed that some members of Congress want to conduct a comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve for the first time since it was created.  If the Fed is doing everything correctly, why should Yellen be alarmed?  What does she have to hide?  During testimony before Congress on Tuesday, she made “central bank independence” sound like it was the holy grail.  Even though every other government function is debated politically in this country, Yellen insists that what the Federal Reserve does is “too important” to be influenced by the American people.  Does any other government agency ever dare to make that claim?  But of course the Federal Reserve is not a government agency.  It is a private banking cartel that has far more power over our money and our economy than anyone else does.  And later on in this article I am going to share with you dozens of reasons why Congress should shut it down.

Why Does Maryland Have The Most Millionaires Per Capita? The Answer Might Make You Angry

Raining MoneyThe fat cats in Washington D.C. are living the high life, and they are doing it at your expense.  Over the past decade, there has been one area of the country which has experienced a massive economic boom.  Thanks to wildly out of control government spending, the Washington D.C. region is absolutely swimming in cash.  In fact, at this point the state of Maryland has the most millionaires per capita in the entire nation and it isn’t even close.  If you have never lived there, it is hard to describe what the D.C. area is like.  Every weekday morning, hordes of lawyers, lobbyists and government bureaucrats descend upon D.C. from the surrounding suburbs.  And at the end of the day, the process goes in reverse.  Everyone is just trying to get their piece of the pie, and it is a pie that just keeps on growing as government salaries, government contracts and government giveaways just get larger and larger.  Of course our founders never intended for this to happen.  They wanted a very small and simple federal government.  Sadly, today we have the most bloated central government in the history of the planet and it gets worse with each passing year.

Yellen again decries Audit the Fed

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen once again lashed out against Sen. Rand Paul’s Audit the Fed bill during a lengthy testimony before the Senate Banking Committee Tuesday.

“I want to be completely clear that I strongly oppose Audit the Fed,” she said. “Audit the Fed is a bill that would politicize monetary policy, would bring short-term political pressures to bear on the Fed.”

According to Yellen, political pressure has muddled Fed decision making in the past.

“In the early ’70s, when inflation built and became an endemic problem, history suggests there was political pressure on the Fed that interfered with its decision making,” said Yellen.

She continued, questioning whether Paul Volcker “would have had the courage to take the steps necessary to bring down inflation had it been subject to GAO reviews of real-time monetary policy decision making” at the time.

U.S. Muslim population set to double

A growing Muslim population in the U.S. is raising concerns that the nation could be at increased risk for instances of Islamic extremism in coming years.

According to numbers from Pew, current immigration trends will double the nation’s Muslim population to 6.2 million by 2030. That means that the U.S. will “have a larger number of Muslims than any European country” besides France and Russia.

Obama administration policies have reportedly helped around 300,000 people from predominately Muslim countries, including more than 40,000 from Iraq, immigrate to the U.S. in recent years. The State Department said earlier this month that it plans to bring at least 2,000 Syrian refugees into the nation this year.

“We have a lot of experience with this, with Afghanistan, with Iraq, with Somalia and other places where the United States has taken refugees in from,” State Department press secretary Jen Psaki said in an effort to address security concerns.