Palin calls anti-Trump Republicans ‘RATs’

Former Governor of  Alaska and failed vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin says members of the GOP who haven’t yet warmed to GOP hopeful Donald Trump need to remember “you are either with us or against us” in 2016.

Palin made the remarks at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver.

“We’re talking about the direction of our country, our children’s future, the direction of the Supreme Court. All of this hinging on the next election, and at such a time as this, you cannot be lukewarm,” she said. “We’re going to take our country back, and you’re either with us, or you’re against us.”

The former governor said that anti-Trump Republicans will prove to be a huge asset for Hillary Clinton in the general election.

“Those GOPers who insist they will never vote for their party’s choice this time, they call themselves Never Trump or whatever. I just call them Republicans against Trump, or RAT for short,” she said

“Now, I shouldn’t call them thumbsuckers, because they are not all bad,” she added. “I’m kidding. They are, and Hillary [Clinton] thanks them because she cannot win without them.”

Palin said claims from Democrats, and some moderate Republicans, that Trump is racist are “ridiculous” and obviously false.

“Trump has been covered in the spotlight for decades, years and years, showing so many of his friends and colleagues of every race color and creed. Great relationships with them all,” she said. “See the press knows that, because they’re the ones who did the covering of him, and Trump was never called a racist until he decided to run against the Democrats. And that’s the way that the dirty side of this business works. Believe me.”

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Kelley Martin