Keep your mouth healthy by avoiding the dentist

If your doctor said you needed to have your big toe removed from your completely healthy foot to prevent crowding in your shoe, you’d call him crazy. Yet, because the medical establishment has found a way to separate the mouth from the rest of the body in terms of health, thousands of people happily allow their dentists to perform similarly ridiculous procedures every year.

Think about it. You don’t go to a “doctor” for your mouth, you go to a “dentist.” And beyond telling you to avoid sugary candy and drink dark beverages through a straw, your dentist likely has little to say about how what you eat and drink, along with the supplements you take, affects your oral health.

That’s because most dentists have a rather simplistic, and totally wrongheaded, view of how to maintain good oral health. Just use fluoridated water and chemical toothpaste, and then we’ll operate on your mouth every few years, they say.

Meanwhile, those of us who follow new developments in alternative health are constantly learning new things about just how vital proper nutrition is to good oral health. And it makes perfect sense if you understand that good health for any particular part of your body relies on good health practices focused on the body as a whole.

For instance, it’s pretty well proven that CoQ10 improves gum health, prevents heart disease and improves gut bacteria.

This is not a coincidence. The mouth is the gateway to the stomach and heart.

Unfortunately, dentists can’t make very much money by prioritizing nutrition for good mouth health. In fact, promoting information about the link between proper nutrition and oral health would be a profit killer for the dental community.

Instead, Western dentists promote bad science to make sure they always have an endless supply of patients to cut, drill, fill and, most importantly, bill.

Wisdom tooth removal is a perfect example of how this medical fraud works.

Removal of the teeth that dentists have termed “third molars” account for about 5 million surgeries each year. And the annual cost of hacking out those 10 million natural and usually perfectly healthy teeth exceeds $3 billion.

As you can see, it’s a lucrative fraud.

The cost to the economy and broader medical establishment is likely much more than the astronomical sum dentists pocket each year from wisdom tooth removals.

That’s because the procedure is responsible for 11 million days of what medical researchers call patient days of “standard discomfort or disability.” Put simply, that’s millions of days of missed work and decreased productivity caused by a mostly unnecessary procedure.

In rare cases, when wisdom teeth are chronically infected, the surgery actually makes sense. But according to longtime critic of wisdom tooth removal Jay Friedman, a veteran dentist not afraid to call out his colleagues, less than one-third of the millions of extractions fall into this category.

Even more outrageous, Friedman contends, is that thousands of patients who undergo needless wisdom tooth removal suffer irreversible health consequences, including deadly infections and permanent loss of sensation in the mouth. People have even died as a result of the useless procedure.

Remember, it’s about money.

Maxillofacial surgeons, the guys who preform most wisdom tooth extractions, earn an average of more than $500,000 a year.

And thanks to Friedman’s research, we know a huge chunk of that comes from risking patient health with unnecessary surgeries.

He noted in a paper on wisdom tooth removals: “Eliminating these extractions would reduce the oral and maxillofacial surgeon’s annual income by $347 486, resulting in an annual savings to patients of more than $1.9 billion, or $2.2 billion if extractions by general practitioners are included.”

In other words, these medical “professionals” are nothing more than gamblers willing to play roulette with your health to pad their bottom lines.

The good news is that a little information goes a long way in preventing yourself from being victimized.

Remember, your focus should always be on full-body health. But if you notice pain, inflammation or signs of tooth decay in your mouth, there are some specific supplements you can add to your daily routine for relief.


Research has shown that Americans who suffer from gum disease often share a common deficiency of this vital coenzyme which is responsible for helping the body’s cells produce the energy they need to remain healthy.

CoQ10 is usually found in bountiful supply in organs like the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, spleen, pancreas and adrenal glands, which require huge amounts of energy to function. Unfortunately, if you don’t have enough CoQ10 in your body, there’s little left over for less energy-hungry tissues like your gums.

The good news is that increasing intake of CoQ10 as little as 50mg per day in the form of a quality supplement has been proven to reverse gum disease.


The head-to-toe health benefits of omega-3s are innumerable. And the helpful fatty acids are no slouch when it comes to dental health.

Research published in the Journal of Dental Research shows that omega-3s provide powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits that can significantly reduce periodontitis, a gum infection that gradually destroys soft tissue and bone that supports the teeth.

If you’re like most Americans and you don’t get enough omega-3s from eating oily fish several times a week, supplementing with krill oil will do wonders for your health. A dose of around 1000mg per day of a quality supplement should do the trick.

These supplements, along with a good natural-based oral hygiene regimen and healthy diet, will help you avoid having to visit dentists who are dying to suggest unnecessary and dangerous oral procedures.

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