Man of the year: President Barack Obama

That headline’s not a joke … not an intentional one, anyway.

In a stroke of spectacular timing, GQ Magazine just announced President Barack Obama as one of its 2015 “Men of the Year.” The magazine boosted its annual list by putting Obama on the cover, and giving ESPN refugee Bill Simmons — now reportedly taking shelter at HBO — the sit-down interview exclusive with the president.

Here’s the cover — American flag lapel pin and all:


The cover, which was planned before Obama’s latest stomp-fit over Americans’ concerns about taking in terrorists posing as refugees, “shows once again that the American public still can’t expect hard-hitting media analysis or criticism to take place under this presidency — seven years in,” as Independent Journal observes:

Even with ISIS running rampant, Russian President Putin laughing at the “reset” button, duplicitous Iranians making paper promises about nuclear weapons, Syria still a wreck under dictator Bashar al-Assad, Libya in shambles after the U.S. invasion, race relations at a recent low, a deteriorating labor force and “actual unemployment” over 10% …

The main thing author Bill Simmons has to say about the “man of the year” in GQ? He’s ‘cool.’

After reading Simmons’ reverent eulogy, you wonder why he didn’t just substitute “cool” with “holy.”

Courtesy of IJ, here are a few of the ways Simmons worships Obama throughout the piece:

”Obama — both the person and the president — carries himself like Roger Federer, a merciless competitor who keeps coming and coming, only there’s a serenity about him that disarms just about everyone.”

“At one point during the hour I spent interviewing him at the White House this fall, he casually compared himself to Aaron Rodgers, and he wasn’t bragging.”

“It’s an alpha-male trick — put someone off-balance, flatter them and bust their chops at the same time.”

“Does it scare you that your wife could have a billion-dollar daytime talk show and you could be Stedman 2.0?”

These are just the things that Simmons said. Wait till you see what Obama had to say about himself.

It’s all right here.

Oh, and though GQ didn’t have time to work this one in, we’d like to add that Obama has ISIS contained

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