Hillary plied donors for party, foundation cash while on the job as secretary of state

No man can serve two masters, but maybe a woman can.

Hillary Clinton used her position at the State Department to arrange meetings with moneyed interests that had nothing to do with State Department business, according to a Monday report.

The Associated Press reported that “dozens” of Clinton Foundation donors, Democratic Party fundraisers and Clinton “loyalists” all got time on the official secretary of state calendar, with “nearly 100” paying Clinton a visit or participating in officially scheduled phone conversations while she was on the job at the State Department.

Despite using her federal position to receive and, presumably, solicit contributions from partisan donors, Clinton’s actions didn’t persuade The AP that she’d done anything illegal or unethical.

Because she met with the same type of corporatist leaders who’d met with other secretaries of state in the past, The AP explains, Clinton wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary — even though those other secretaries of state didn’t have gigantic, branching, politicized global charities to fund.

While The AP acknowledged the Clinton Foundation’s complicating role, it mainly justified the newsworthiness of its own story by framing Clinton’s behavior as significant to her eventual 2016 presidential candidacy.

Following that logic, the extent to which donors and corporate heads got access to Secretary Clinton could serve as an indicator — or a “sounding board,” in The AP’s wording — of how much weight their interests carried at the highest levels of government.

To obtain information on who met with Clinton and when, the AP accessed nearly 1,300 pages of State Department calendars dating from 2009 to 2013, when she served as secretary. That access came only after the State Department censored the calendars, as it complied with The AP’s Freedom of Information Act request for records.

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Ben Bullard
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