Lots To Learn From This Incident: Police Respond Over An Hour Later!

This news story from Texas offers several “teachable moments.” The gist of the story is this: Robbers hit the store. The owner fought back. The owner called police, who arrived 74 minutes later!

Item No. 1: I said “robbers.” It appears the days of the lone bandit are all but gone. Today’s criminal predators roam in packs. Yet politicians want to reduce the number of rounds we can carry in a magazine for a self-defense firearm. What do you call a person who carries only a five-shot revolver and no extra ammo? An optimist. This is just another example of why you should carry a standard capacity magazine and a spare magazine at all times.

Item No. 2: When the owner fought back, the robbers fled. Look at that video again. Not a single robber stopped to say, “That’s only a .38!” Unless the criminals you face are really highly motivated, your aggressive defensive action will disrupt their plans and typically send them into panicked flight. Don’t buy into the liberal mantra that you should just do what the robber says. When you do that, you are hoping for mercy from a person who would rather take by force what the rest of us work hard to earn. Would you trust an armed robber to show you mercy? I wouldn’t.

The final element of this incident is the one that upsets me the most. People still believe the police are here for our protection. They are not! Police investigate crimes after they happen. It took police more than an hour to arrive on the scene of an armed robbery. Police administration says the call got mishandled because it was difficult to understand the reporting party. Even if you accept that as a valid reason, does it not make you shudder that it took police more than an hour to respond?

And while we are on that topic, remember to slow down and speak clearly when you are talking to the 911 operator. Yes, you will be under extreme stress, but even your phone call is a matter of life and death. Stop. Take a breath. Slow down and make sure you are heard and understood.

There are lots more teaching elements from this video, but we have covered the big three in the time we have. Watch this thing again and see what you can learn.

–Kevin Michalowski


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Kevin Michalowski