Student Not Allowed To Write About God In School

When ten-year-old Erin Shead of Memphis was told she needed to write about her idol for her elementary school class, she picked a pretty good one: God.

But the teacher told her she couldn’t use God as an idol and had to pick another one for the assignment, according to WREG, The teacher told her to start over.

Also, if she did manage to write about God, Erin told her mother, Erica, that she would have to bring it home; she couldn’t leave it at class.

Given a second chance, Erin picked Michael Jackson, which was deemed acceptable.

Erica Shead said she spoke to the principal of Lucy Elementary School Wednesday morning. She said she asked the principal: “Can you show me this in a policy where this child cannot talk about God on paper?

“I told the principal this morning, ‘ Would it be better if she wrote about Ellen Degeneres?’ Of course, there was no comment.”

After initially saying they couldn’t comment on the incident, later, Shelby County Schools released a statement that read, in part: “Shelby County Schools respects the moral and religious beliefs of all students and families … No laws or district policies allow teachers to limit students’ expression of religious beliefs in their personal classwork. This was a regrettable misunderstanding, and we as educators must learn from it. The principal and teacher have had a positive and productive conversation with the family, and we are pleased this matter is being addressed at the school level.

By Robert Gehl on September 12, 2013

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