Another Woman Accuses Herman Cain

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|| "This individual is going to accuse me of an affair for an extended period of time," Cain said. ||

The Cain Affair.

The unsubstantiated charges of sexual harassment have already derailed his once frontrunning presidential campaign.  Now a third woman has stepped forward claiming she had a 13 year affair with Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

A third woman will make false sexual accusations against Herman Cain, the GOP presidential candidate told CNN Monday.

Cain told CNN’s “Situation Room” that the woman will allege that she has had an affair with him.

“This individual is going to accuse me of an affair for an extended period of time,” Cain said. “It is someone that I know who is an acquaintance that I thought was a friend.”

Cain said he learned about the accusation after his lawyer talked to a reporter about the accusation.

If there is a bit of good news to come out of this allegation it is that the Cain Campaign is finally learning.  Rather than waiting for the allegations to come out and then reacting to the media frenzy, Herman Cain is getting out in front of the story and fighting back from the get go.

Unfortunately it was too little, too late.  The first two allegations and Cain’s schizophrenic response have already doomed his presidential ambitions.



The Washington Post is reporting that the woman’s name is Ginger White.

“It was pretty simple,” Atlanta businesswoman Ginger White told an Atlanta TV station in an interview set to air at 6 p.m. Monday evening. “It wasn’t complicated. I was aware that he was married. And I was also aware I was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship.”


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